21 Balloons

The 21 Balloons
A report by
Chapters 1-5
Text to Self: When Professor Sherman was taking off in his hot air balloon people started running down the streets to look. People were also running down the streets to get Ichiro bobble heads at a Mariners game.

Text to Text: When Mr. Sherman saw the mines full of diamonds it made me think about the book Treasure Island when Jim Hawkins finds all the treasure.

Text to World: As soon as Professor William Waterman Sherman started walking on Krakatoa he experienced earthquakes. The same thing happened to a lot of other countries.

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Vocabulary word. Definition. A sentence including the vocabulary word.

Corinthian: a type of design used in some countries. The building was built in a Corinthian style.

Flotsam: goods or belongings lost in a shipwreck. There was not a lot of flotsam in the water at the time.

Tribune: the title of a newspaper. The New York Tribune covered every detail of Professor Sherman’s story.

Rousing: to be full with happiness or excitement. The whole city gave the firefighters a rousing cheer.

Cupola: a round, dome-like shape usually the top of a building. Many of the buildings in the city had a cupola for the top.

Convey: to take an item from one place to another. UPS has to convey a lot of letters and packages on a regular bases.

Aeronautical: a study of science that has to do with the air. There are some aeronautical scientists in the world.

Postillion: a mailman or paperboy. Being a postillion lets you earn some extra cash.

Ethics: to behave properly. Martha Stewart is suspected of having poor ethics.

Intrepid: not to be discouraged. Even though he lost the race, the boy was intrepid.

Chapters 6,7
Text to Self: When William Sherman woke up in the morning he hadn’t really realized how his room looked. That happened to me when I got a new bed and new stuff put in my room. Page 77
When Sherman sees and feels an earthquake happening I can relate because I have also experienced an earthquake. Page 79
Mr. Sherman was told that the I family made Italian food, I have eaten Italian food. Page 90
Text to World: When Mr. M started building houses on Krakatoa that was like when a missionary went to an island to help the inhabitants rebuild their small residential area and convince them to believe in God.

Vocabulary word. Definition. Sentence containing the word.
Delirious: in a state of delusion. She was delirious after she woke up from the anesthesia.

Aristocrat: a member of a noble place. The people in the Senate are aristocrats.

Phosphoric: of or containing phosphorus especially with a valence of 5. That item contains phosphoric acid.

Forego: get on with. The show will forego in a moment.

Smorgasbord: a buffet meal with a variety of dishes. A large smorgasbord was set up in the middle of the kitchen.

Perpetual: lasting forever or a very long time. School may seem perpetual sometimes.

Marvels: someone or something that causes surprise, astonishment or wonder. In the book I am writing about there was a house of marvels.

Subsequent: following in time or order. In the army, troops march in a subsequent manner.

Hydraulic: to be controlled by water. An example of something that is hydraulic is the ocean.

Cache: a supply of something hidden someplace. There was a cache on the island of Krakatoa.

Chapters 8-10
Text to Self: Mr. Sherman was told an amusement park was to be built on Krakatoa. I have been to an amusement park many times.

The children on Krakatoa had been taught to read, write, and do arithmetic at school, so did I.

I have eaten Chinese food like Mr. Sherman did, but not for breakfast.

Text to World: People don’t just swim in Krakatoa like Mr. Sherman did; they swim all over the world.

The floating platform that the Krakatonians used in emergencies seemed like an airplane and there are a lot of planes.

First page found. Vocabulary word. Definition. Vocabulary word used in a sentence.

113. Carafe: a bottle with a flaring lip to hold beverages. A carafe is a cup that looks like a goblet.

117. Tarpaulin: a material that repels water. Some coats are made out of tarpaulin.

118. Ardent: to have passion or to be enthusiastic. The boy was ardent before the party.

118. Trepidation: to be apprehensive. The baseball wasn’t filled with trepidation.

132. Heretofore: up until the present. Some people may live on Earth heretofore.

140. Dormant: to be temporarily inactive. Mt. St. Helens is dormant right now.

140. Lavish: being generous or kind. Some people are not very lavish.

164. Bedlam: very chaotic. Mrs. Nielsen said something along the lines of “things will get very bedlam the last week of school.”
165. Celluloid: not containing color. Old movies seem celluloid to today’s audiences.

178. Vaudeville: a show or entertainment. Things on TV are considered vaudeville.