About Lord of the Flies

– William Golding –
Firstly, when I was in receipt of this gripping story I found it very
interesting because it shows me a very abstract picture about how a society
can turn into revolution.

In Lord of the Flies there are three main characters: Jack and Ralph.

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Jack is a physically brave leader of the choir who has the ability to keep
them under control. Ralph is the first person we meet on the island and he
becomes leader by popular vote. He does not seem ambitious like Jack.

The place of the plot is an island. Its original state when the boys
first landed was a paradise, much like in “Coral Island”. But in the end of
the story the scenery clouds over. Slowly they fell victim to the evils of
the island. Not all the kids believed this (for example Piggy). Their fears
of the evils are represented by the “snake thing” which was first brought
up by a littl’un.

Golding wanted to show the reality of the modern world in his story with
its opposite where is no civilization, law and order. All the time the boys
are acting like savages the adults, who should know better, are engaged in
an atomic war. The airman beast is a sign of this conflict and his
appearance is the final straw that destroys the society the boys were
trying to build.

Without the constant pressure of society’s expectations, the boys
display the fundamental elements of human nature in the way that they
choose to live. In the end, when the boys are rescued, it is ironic that
the man comes from a war ship, from the real world who is at war. The boys
resemble them by having a “mini” war on the island. Jack’s barbaric ways on
the island has shown that even though on the outside a person may seem
good, but it takes time for their true self to show.

Golding has shown us that in a world of order, chaos rules and nothing
and nobody is perfect.