Affirmative Action

.. uch problem. Arguments Against Affirmative Action After all the years that Affirmative Action programs have been taking place in several institutions to provide and end to discrimination; there are some arguments that point to the fact that such programs are not needed to provide minorities with fairness. The next few paragraphs state what those arguments are. The first argument is that people should be able to think what they want, to establish their own values about everything.

This holds true as long as they do not deny anybody else’s rights. The opponents of Affirmative Action programs believe that “to be free is to be wrong” therefore racists should be able to believe what they want and be against what they want too. They believe that to be forced to do something they do not want to do could be harmful instead of helpful to minorities. In other words racists are only fair when forced to do so legally (Jemal, 1). The second argument is that the opponents of such programs believe that to be forced to work with minorities against their wills is not the solution to stop racism and discrimination.

This only makes discrimination stronger and immune to reason. Opposition believes that Affirmative Action programs were created to free “White America” of the feeling of guilt after the atrocities committed against minorities years back and that they are no longer effective. Opposition believes that those times have passed and therefore the programs are not needed. The third argument this paper states is that Affirmative Action programs are nothing but quotas, therefore the economic aspect of it becomes clear. This programs stigmatizes and calls into question the credentials of the qualified minorities (Lewis, 2). They force qualified people to surrender their jobs to less qualified people just because they are not a minority.

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This understates that the economy of the country is in risk of going down due to that fact. Just as Affirmative Action helps minorities it harms the other people, because it takes away the jobs they have worked so hard to get. HOW DOES THIS AFFECT BUSINESSES The way that businesses are affected by the debate that takes place because of Affirmative Action programs should be considered. The Business Industry can be affected in two ways. One, businesses are helped by such programs because they can get workers from other cultures to work with them and even be able to help the company with ideas to expand, to create better products, etc.

After all, Americans do not only populate United States but it is a mixture of several cultures that have to learn to live together. Businesses can also be negatively affected if because of Affirmative Actions companies are forced to indeed hire minority members that are not highly qualified for the job. The fact that these programs are created to help minorities can result in harm for the people who are not members of the minorities in question, and therefore would not be elected to get the job because of their origin. This could definitely cause a decrease in the industry’s revenue and could cause a fall in the American economy. Therefore in order to keep Affirmative Action programs in an equal scale so that they do not affect industries they have to be carefully revised and planned taking in consideration the men and women that are not members of the minorities in question. SUMMARY The paragraphs above are an explanation of the facts that are behind Affirmative Action, both for and against.

Affirmative Action like everything else that involves public opinion has created debate in society, a debate that has to sides. One, the one that believes that these programs have helped tremendously because they have given the opportunity to many members of minorities to get better positions in the job they have and to be treated equally like it should have always been. This side of the coin believes that in order to stop every kind of discrimination Affirmative Action programs should be kept and improved because without them this society would go back to the times in which Negroes were slaves and not able to vote. On the other hand the other side, which believes that Affirmative Action programs are useless, has also strong arguments to believe so. This side believes that when people are forced to hire people against their will it will only increase the tension and in some cases the grudge held against minorities. This feelings can grow to such point that are considered dangerous causing fatalities like the cases that have been seen on television lately in which minority members are killed just because of who they are.

CONCLUSIONS After the research done for the completion of this paper, the members of the group have gotten to the conclusion that the world that would be faced by hem because of the fact that they are minorities is not a very gentle one. They will be faced by all kinds of people. People who are not against Affirmative Action programs and by some that are. People should be aware of the fact that to achieve one’s goals they have to do all that they can to become the best in the things they do whether it is education or job. The facts shown in this paper are a proof that society as well as the law are still harsh on minorities even if law protects such people the risk of being treated in a inadequate manner is there and very much alive. RECOMMENDATIONS The opinion that the authors of the paper took is that Affirmative Action does nothing wrong, but to help minorities in achieving that liberty that has been wanted for many years back. Affirmative Action is the reason why Mexican students are allowed to come to United sates looking for a better place to become somebody in life by achieving a good education.

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