American Revolutionary War

American Revolutionary War
Compare the strength and weaknesses of the American and
British sides in the American Revolutionary War. Explain
why the Americans were successful in winning.

In comparing the British and the American strength and
weaknesses, the reason the American were successful in
winning the war was due to non-military factors and some
geographic reason as well as foreign support. The non-
military reasons included their ability to unite, use of
propaganda like the one in the book Common Sense and the
influence of people like Paul Revere and George Washington.
Another main factor that affected the outcome of the war
was geographical reasons. Americans were fighting on their
own land versus the British who had come from overseas.
This essay will show how these reason’s led to the
American’s winning the war.

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The American strengths included their ability to
unite, their strong leaders and their receiving aid from
France. One of the main reasons the Americans won the war
was because of their unification. For example we can see
their unification with the Continental Congress and the
Declaration of Independence where they agreed upon an
action which was benefiting for the country. The use of
propaganda was another way to create unity for the American
cause. An example of this is the book Common Sense by
Thomas Paine. It helped encourage the issuance of the
Declaration of Independence and pointed out the economic
benefits if they continued fighting against the British.
Events such as the Boston Massacre were depicted by Paul
Revere in exaggerated way to Americans to increase their
wanting to fight for independence against the “bad”
British. The American won also because of strong
leaders like General Washington and how he made a surprise
attack on the British in 1776, Christmas when he was
crossing the Delaware and was in New Jersey. The British
were overconfident and George Washington took advantage by
surprise attacking. The victory led to a new hope. The
Americans realized that they could beat the British.
Another reason for the American success was because
of aid from foreign countries like France. France and the
Americans signed treaties. The first treaty was just saying
that they would give each other favored treatment in matter
of trade. The French sent gold, powder, shot, equipment, a
fleet and troops. Spain, Netherlands and Prussia also
helped the Americans. The aid was not only an economic
support but also emotional.

Besides non-military reason’s another factor that helped
the American’s win the war because they were fighting on
their homeland. They were experienced with the land more
than anyone and for the British their central base was in
London and it was very hard for them to communicate.
America was all wilderness and the tree’s were green and it
was hard for the British to see the American’s but it was
easy for the American’s to see the British because they
were wearing red color coats.

Even though the British had many strengths their
overconfidence and miscalculation overshadowed these
factors. The British strengths were that they had well
trained-solders, and had funds from other countries. They
were also experienced in fighting wars, for example the
wars they had fought with France in the beginning. They
also had money so they could just buy soldiers. They also
had a strong navy and they could cut off American trade.
However they made many blunders such as Trenton and
Princeton where they assumed that they would win and
actually they were caught of guard and defeated. The other
important reason why the American won the war was because
of the weakness the British had for example, the difficulty
to communicate, not enough supplies because their supply
was coming from London and London was a very far away from
America. They also had hired soldiers which where not loyal
to them and the soldiers where German. They were also not
ready for example when Washington did a surprise attack on
them and they were not ready.
Although the Americans had many weaknesses they
took advantage of their few strengths, unity, strong
leadership and foreign support. It is surprising that they
were able to defeat A more wealthy and stronger British
force. The American’s were poor, they had no clothes in the
winter when the winters were very cold. The Army was not
well trained for example we can see that in all the battles
the American lost like Lexington, Breeds, Ticonderega,
Crown Point, etc. And during sometimes there was no
agreement between the government officials. They also had a
lack of effective government and it was a disorganized
government. In the beginning the Americans were reluctant
to fight, they didnt know what to decide. However, over
time the Americans had small victories that helped them
gain confidence and support eventually leading to them
winning the war.
As we can see that the American won the war because of
their strength and partly because of the British weakness.
The two main reasons the American won the war was because
of the non-military factors like the unification,
propaganda and strong leaders. They also won the war
because of the advantage they had in fighting in a
geographic area that they new and understood better while
the British were foreigners and they didn’t know enough
about the land as much the American.