Animal Farm

Animal Farm Animal Farm Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, is a masterpiece mocking communism. Animalism, which represents communism, was a revolution that didn’t work. Animalism was supposed to make life better for the animals but instead their lives got worse. By the end of the story, everything had changed. The government had become corrupt, there was a dictator, and the animals had become slaves to the pigs. Life for the animals couldn’t get any worse.

At the beginning of the story, the animals revolted because of the way they were treated by Mr. Jones, the farmer. They felt that the farmers made all the profit, reaped all the rewards but didn’t do any of the work. So they formed a government called Animalism. In Animalism, there are no owners, no rich, but no poor, workers got a better life, and all animals are equal.

They had even established laws called the Seven Commandments, which were intended to give basic rights to animals and protect them from oppression. The goals of the government were also established. The goals said that everyone was equal, there would be more food and sleep for all, there was to be respect for all animals, and they would build a windmill to make life better for all. By the end of the book, all this no longer existed. The animals were getting less sleep, less food, and less respect.

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The windmill became a source of money for the leaders, not for all the animals. The seven commandments were gradually changed to suit the pigs and then there was only one Commandment left. “‘Are the Seven Commandments the same as they used to be, Benjamin?’ There was nothing now except for a single Commandment. It ran: All animals are equal but some are more equal than others”(133). That single commandment made the pigs more powerful. Animalism no longer existed.

At the beginning of the story, there were two leaders, Snowball and Napoleon, that were sharing power. Snowball was good with words, honest, good at arguing, was inventive, and believed in technology. He stayed in touch with the animals, and wanted to make things better for them. Napoleon, on the other hand, was bad with words, dishonest, hated arguing, and was not inventive. He wanted to be above all the animals; he didn’t care about making things better.

He only believed in serving himself. In order for Napoleon to be above all the animals, he had to get Snowball out of the way. Napoleon did that by getting his dogs to scare him away so Snowball would never come back to the farm. Napoleon was now in total control of the farm and the animals. Napoleon and the pigs started acting like humans – they would drink, wear clothes, sleep in beds, fight, and walk. They did everything that they had once said was wrong.

Things were worse for the rest of animals than when Mr. Jones was running the farm. Just after the revolution, the animals worked on the farm because they wanted to. All the animals owned the farm, so all worked for it. It was their farm.

After Napoleon takes over and creates a dictatorship, the animals are forced to work. Napoleon and the pigs owned the farm and the others became slaves to them. The animals “volunteered” or they got less food. The dogs used force; and Squealer, a pig, would lie to them to make them work. The pigs weren’t fair to the other animals at all.

Orwell shoes that revolutions are not always for the better. The outcome of it is not the same as it would be if there is someone that wants more power and is never satisfied with what they have already achieved. That person is always thinking about themselves instead of the good of the others. It seems to be in “human” nature to act the way that way.

Animal Farm

Title: Animal Farm
Author: George Orwell
The story takes place in South England on a Manor Farm owned by Mr. Jones that was overthrown and renamed Animal Farm. I feel that the setting entirely changes along with the name of the farm. M
Old Major – An old boar that dreams of a better life and incites the animals to overthrow man. He is the inspiring force behind the Rebellion and founding of Animal Farm.
Snowball – A young, intelligent, persuasive, and important boar known for his oratory skills. He is expelled by Napoleon.
Napoleon – An ambitious, power-hungry, ruthless and eminent boar who
stoops to any level to gain his goal.
Boxer – A big, powerful, honest, and devoted carthorse who does not have
many brains but always comes forward whenever any hand work is needed.
Clover – A motherly mare who is truly concerned about the welfare of the
animals. She has a good shoulder to cry on and is a source of strength and
confidence, especially to Boxer.
Benjamin – A cynical, skeptical donkey who believes everything remains the
same with nothing ever changing.
Moses – A timid raven who entertains the animals with tales of ‘a land of
promises and better life on Sugarcandy Mountain.’
Mollie – A vain, unconcerned frivolous mare caring only for her own finery,
pleasure, and comforts.
Squealer – A pig who is Napoleon’s henchman and a very effective
Jones – The irresponsible farm-owner who is overthrown by the animals.
Frederick – A tough, shrewd businessman involved in lawsuits and the owner a small but well kept farm.
Pilkington – An easy-going gentleman farmer who wastes most of his time in
fishing and hunting.
Whymper – A not-so important solicitor who acts as a medium between
humans and animals (especially Napoleon
Protagonist: The protagonist is the group of common animals searching for a
utopian world and largely represented by characters like Old Major and
Snowball and supported by the ‘proletariat’.
Antagonist: The antagonist is the combination of all the forces acting against
such an idealistic world, largely represented by the power-hungry Napoleon
and his henchman, Squealer.
Climax: The ultimate climax is reached when Napoleon changes Animal
Farm into a republic and elects himself President, assuring the maintenance of
his seized power. The result of Napoleon’s victory over the masses is that the
pigs start walking on their hind legs and acting totally like humans. It is an
indication that Animal Farm has really returned to the status of Manor Farm.
Summary: The novel Animal Farm explains the points of a utopia and an anti-utopia as well as facts on communism and dictatorship. Old Major, a prize-winning pig on Animal Farm, discusses his dream of an ultimate society where everyone is equal. A rebellion occurs after the death of Old Major, and Animal Farm reigns over Manor Farm, the previous name for the place where the animals were slaved. Snowball, a pig who truly wants to contribute to Old Majors dream, has the idea of a windmill that will make Animal Farm an even better place to live. Napoleon, a corrupt leader who has no intention to better Animal Farm, uses dogs to chase and kill Snowball on the day of a vote between the two. Squealer, a sly talking sidekick of Napoleon, changes the seven commandments around every time the pigs need to change a rule to better the conditions for themselves and not to Animal Farm. Humanity was despised, or so it seemed; now, Napoleon and his other fellow pigs were dressed as humans as well as walked on two legs instead of four. Animal Farm doesnt seem to be the utopia promised by Old Major, but with Snowball gone and Napoleon in charge, no one would dare challenge his power.
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Animal Farm

Animal Farm As I read the book “Animal Farm”, I have came to see that the story “Animal Farm” is a metaphor for the life in the USSR. We see how ” Animal Farm ” takes on personalities of social and political figures from the USSR. They relate to the social and political life of The USSR in how they act and live. All the animals have a personality that emulates personality from the Russian Revolution. They plan to take over and make all things equal, by this they hope to give the power to the animals that represent the people of The USSR.

“Animal Farm” has many of its characters take on the characteristics of The Russian Revolution. In so Mr. Jones is compared to Czar Nicholas II . Mr. Jones is the farmer in animal farm who is irresponsible in the treating of the animals, in a way that he will let them starve and leave them in neglect.

Sometimes Mr. Jones cruel acts are so terrible that it is cruel to imply them. He has stooped to the point where he would whip the animals for no reason. Although he is so irresponsible and cruel he actually tries to make up for it by mixing milk with the animals food. In so we compare Mr. Jones to Czar Nicholas II.

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Just as Mr. Jones Czar Nicholas II is a poor leader overhis land and people as Mr. Jones is to his farm and animals. Sometimes Czar Nicholas II is compared to Western Kings in his acts. The both of them Czar Nicholas II and Mr.

Jones are brutal with their opponents and punished unjustly. As a cheep act of kindness Czar Nicholas II would hire students as spies to make money. In so he would use the information he learned to ponishe and eliminated his threats and oppositions. In the Russian revolution Karl Marx had invented communist ways and its party. His plan was to have all the “workers of the world unite.” His plan for the workers was to have them take over the government.

To the misfortune of his death he had not seen his dream come true. He had died before the Russian Revolution had taken place. Although he didn’t live to see the end of it he did instill important foundation for which to build on. Like Karl Marx Old Major was a leader. He had been teaching the animals of the farm animalism (in comparison to communism).

His main words were to ” workers do the work, rich keep the money, and the animals revolt. This was the same thought that Karl Marx had but in regards it the animals and not the USSR. Also Like Karl Marx he dies before the revolution happens. There were successors of those that came before, Leon Trotsky was one of those people that was great and had lead the “October revolution” that was a great step for the Russian Revolution. Leon Trotsky was one of the followers of the idea who had followed Marx.

His ideas of communism were to improve live for all of Russia. The way it was intendment. Unfortunately he had been chased away by Lenin’s KGB (secret police). Snowball is just like Leon Trotsky in the fact that he too was chased away. Snowball was young, smart, a good speaker, and an idealistic. His main goal is to make life better for all.

He was also one of the leaders in the revolution like Leon. As I have explained as well as compared and contrasted the paragraphs, all the characters have an emulation of another character in the Russian Revolution or in the Farm from Animal Farm. Also from this we can see how communism and characters are created.


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