Apr 26: The One with Rachel’s Big Kiss: Winona Ryder pops into Central Perk as the one person who can prove that Rachel has a racy side. Ryder plays Melissa, Rachel’s sexy sorority sister, who may or may not have shared a secret smooch with Ms. Green at a sangria-fueled frat party. But when Phoebe refuses to accept Rachel’s claims of the illicit liplock (“You’re so…vanilla”), it’s up to Melissa to clear the air. However, Melissa’s memory of the night in question turns out to be just as questionable, forcing Rachel to put her money and Melissa where her mouth is. Meanwhile, Chandler has a hard time picking out his wedding tux after he learns that Ross has rented one worn by a former Batman.
May 3: The One with the Vows: Monica and Chandler’s frantic race to figure out the perfect wedding vows leads to a series of nostalgic clips from episodes past, encapsulating their relationship.
May 3: The One with the Truth about London: Ben picks up a few bad (but hilarious) habits after Rachel watches him; Joey gets ordained online so he can wed Monica and Chandler, leading to a confession about their first time in London; Phoebe fears the possible side effects of a pain reliever.

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