Best way to Learn

When I was six years old and still living in Mexico and speaking my native tongue, not knowing what was about to happen to me. My parents decided to bring my Family to the United States of America. Once here I noticed people here Spoke a different language. By the following year My parents had enrolled me in school. It was a very Scary because I did not know how to speak the language. Yet I new that if was to succeed and learn in this country it was to be by total Immersion. I have reasons why it has worked for me. How I learned the English as a second language. I was also able to become a US Citizen. I became a head cook at my first job. This is why I believe Immersion is the best way to learn.During My school years I was always struggling to learn English because my parents at the time did not approve of us speaking English while we were home. I found out that was causing me problems at school. When writing a paper or essay my Ideas are not clear. I would confuse words. I was reading poorly. I then started to read allot of comics,books and watch more TV. Talking to my friends in English more often helped. Participating in school events as much as possible was a big plus.Several years later and now knowing the English language I felt I could do something to help my parents. I was able to help my parents become US Citizen. When my parents came to this country like other immigrants they were afraid that sooner or later they would be deported to Mexico. I took it upon myself to inform my parents that it was crucial for us to take care of this problem. I learn everything I could about what we had to do to become permanent Residents. Once we became Residents we decide that we would become US Citizen as well. By me taking the time to read and learn about becoming US Citizen proved there is nothing I could not.My first Job as a cook s showed me that by total Immersion I got better. I started working as a dishwasher and when the time came for a promotion I was asked if wanted to cook I immediately said yes . I would always show up an hour early just to watch the other cooks work. I learned how to flip eggs without breaking the yoke. How to cook steaks to the required order. I was so good at my job that I became the head Cook till the day I left.I think that Any body can learn it just a matter of what the person is capable of doing. The person can either not do anything or maybe just get by playing the game. I still believe Total Immersion is the best way to learn. In all learning to speak and to write English was a hard but I got through it. Learning how to cook and helping my family become US Citizen was even more special to me thats why I strongly insist that total Immersion is the way to go.