Brave New World

Brave New World
There is a great deal of evidence that supports the idea that we, in the twenty first century, are headed toward the society described by Huxley in Brave New World. Such things as advances in technology, government yearning for complete control, and an uncontrollable world population are many of the reasons Huxley’s world might become our own.

Scientific advancements in technology are made everyday. The Bokanovsky Process is one of these advancements that could possibly be made. It is not impossible to create 96 embryos from one egg. This is based on the premise of cloning. In Huxley’s world, cloning is a reality, as it is today. Many advances in the cloning system are being made everyday and “mass production” of people is not an impossibility in the near future. Therefore, the idea that humans can be, not born, but produced is a reality. It will not be natural birth. Advancements also may include conditioning, which can be used to mold the people’s lives from birth. The idea of conditioning should sculpt a person into a “robot” of sorts which would act however the conditioner taught it to. These technological advancements are used by the government to control the world, and the people within it.
The government is a group of controllers. It is an organization created to monitor the lives of people as closely as possible. For example, the bank was created so that the government knows how much money one has. Every transaction one makes is monitored by the government through the use of documents that are stored by the government. With this in mind, the future of Aldous Huxley could not be that far off. The government wants and needs control, and through these technological advancements, will attain it completely. The world population is uncontrollably rising at an alarming pace. There seems to be no logical way to stop this, or at least a moral one. The Bokanovsky Process will ensure control over the population, while conditioning controls the behaviors, wants, and thoughts of human beings. These facts lead me to believe that the future may in fact hold a place for Huxley’s Brave New World.

The only way to prevent this new and improved “life” from coming upon us is to promote freedom and freethinking before the government can make robots of us. We must fight against their control with an overwhelming sense of freedom. We must resist the oppression by speaking out against the control. However, the government controls the information that is released to the public and we will never know it is coming until it is upon us. It could already be upon us and we would never know it. The whole cloning experiments could be a farce to show how slow we learn when we already have the technology and are implementing it in daily life. The entire world could be clones with false memories implanted into our brains. One will never know the truth, and that is the reason Aldous Huxley’s world probably will be upon us, if it’s not already.

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