Breasts Cynthia Green English 1301 17 September 2000 Eptron/A few words on breasts 1. Eptron successfully makes the issue of small breasts a matter of identity and appearance in many ways. When she was little, all that she wanted was breasts. She thought that having breasts was apart of being a girl, and with out them, she could be mistaken for a boy. She writes about how men are who they are by what they do, such as the way that a man holds his cigarette. She also thinks that one of the things that makes someone a woman is that they have noticeable breasts.

I think Eptrons reasons for this have reason behind them. The world puts so much emphasis on sex and breasts that I think that she felt like if she didn’t have them, she would not fit in. I dont think that her ideas are based on personal experience. Even before she had any breasts, she had a phobia of not having them, and you cant have a personal experience with breasts if you don’t have any breasts to have one with. 2.

Eptron states in her essay that everthing in it is a true story. I think that she feels obligated to write this so that she has some justification onto what she is writing about. If she didnt put that in her essay, the reader is liable to think that she is just a pervet or someone who is just infatuated with breasts. Eptron anticipates that the reader will think that she is a lunitic that has nothing better to do than to sit around and wirte about breasts. Eptron thinks that people might interpret her story as fake because of the storys she tells in it.

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When she was talking about her best friend being fully devloped in the seventh grade, that made me think that maybe she was streaching the truth. But over all, I think that Eptron story, for the most part, is a truthful accout. 3. Eptrons assupmtion is that by the time that the reader hits paragraph twenty-one, that they are having some weird thoughts about her. I think that she is worryed that if word got out that she was obsessed with breasts, them maybe she was a lesbian. As a reader in this essay, I had no interpretation that she was a lunitic, I just thought she was a regular person telling a real life accout of what happenend to her as a child.

I dont think that I fit into the role that she assigns for the readers very well at all. Thesis and Dissertations.