college essay

The definition I would place upon myself would consist of what I look like on the outside and what I feel and believe on the inside. In my opinion they way you look and how you dress and present yourself is hyped up a lot in the world today. What you wear has such an impact on how someone thinks about you.

I personally dont wear the GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch, or Old Navy clothes not because of the people who wear them, or because I dont want to be considered trendy, I just dont wear them. I will go into the stores to look for something to buy, and I just never seem to find anything that I like. Stores I most often shop at are Pacific Sunwear, DEB, and Aeropostle. The style I guess you could categorize me into would probably be skater/ glam, at least thats what my dad would call it. My personal style does represent me in a lot of ways its clean cut, yet edgy, and its full of color, not a lot of black and white in my wardrobe.

Appearance wise Im pretty much the same way as I am with my wardrobe. I love to play with make up. I like a lot of color. I love to play up my eyes; on occasion I will load up the eyeliner. My role model for clothing and make up is Gwen Stefani, the lead singer of No Doubt. She has such an awesome style; she just seems to be so together and knows what she wants. I love that! Sometimes I feel that way about myself, but its just not as often probably.

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The location of which I live isnt what you would expect the inside of my house to look like. At least that is what I think personally, only because my family lives in an apartment in downtown Auburn, Maine. From the outside it isnt anything fancy, and then once you step in through the front door, youll be amazed how a little decorating can go a long way. Having my parents divorce in 2000 meant downsizing our house so it was hard on me. No matter where I live its always home, and that I am very thankful for.

My family is something I cherish dearly. My father is a very close friend of mine he is somebody I can talk to about anything with, even things most kids usually get all nervous about when it comes to telling their parents mostly my dad just lets me know his opinion, (which sometimes I may not like) and thats about it. I do not live with my dad, but we just have this connection I could go a really long time without speaking to him and still call him one day, and we could talk for hours. I can tell him everything that is going on and ask him what he has been up to during the week and the conversation between us will just flow like we saw each other the day before. In my opinion I feel I am really lucky to have the dad that I have. My mother means the world to me. However, my mother and I dont always agree on everything, we bash heads a lot to be honest. I do owe everything I am and own right now to my mom. When my parents first split up, my sister, my mom and I moved to where we lived now. When we first moved into our apartment, we only had mattresses to sleep on, one lawn chair for three people to sit on, and a television that should have kicked the bucket years before it did. What we have for furniture and television now, I feel like a princess. I feel like I have the whole world in my families little apartment. So thank you, mom, for everything you have done for me. My younger sister is my very best friend. We are the competitive type, always trying to out do one another, but its all in good fun, and I couldnt ask for a better sister or a better friend.

Goals of mine are as follows: I would someday like to attend college and major in psychology because helping people is such a great feeling, and I think if a person goes to work and comes home everyday still liking what they do, then why give that up? I think that is what will happen if I go to school and major in psychology. I would also like to minor in dance because I have been dancing since I was two years of age, and I never want to give it up. I would also like to someday try my luck an audition for a production where I could sing, and I could dance while using my talents to show the world who I am.

When it comes to liking the inner me, at times its not so easy. I have pretty strong morals, and I try to fulfill them, but I keep them hidden inside away from the world. Its not easy being the oldest child trying to please your mother and make a good impression for the youngest. I have a boyfriend and I love and respect him with all of my heart. Hes someone who got me out of a rough point in my life, when I didnt know who I was anymore. He brought me back from the place I was hiding deep inside of myself, away from everyone I loved. I am also a religious person, believing in the Catholic religion. I, along with my family, belong to Sacred Heart Church. It is where my parents were married, and its where I would like to be married as well. I would actually love it if I could be married at St. Patricks Cathedral in New York City, which would be awesome. I believe very much in God and the Devil. I do, however, respect all other religions. I believe in witches, worlocks and magic. I believe in many things, and learning about them is only half the fun.
The bottom line is Do I like myself? Well, the answer isK. Yes, I most certainly do! I have done a lot in my lifetime that I am extremely proud of, and I am only 19 years old. I have numerous upon numerous things I want to accomplish before my time, and I feel that most will be a success. I have those days where nothing is going my way of course, and I absolutely hate myself; but where would the fun be if there were no days such as those? So again, yes, I do like myself. I also feel that others like me too, even if some dont because of the way I wear my make up or the way I dye my hair or the clothes and shoes I wear. I am me, and if me likes me for me, then thats all we need to know!