Coyote In Tortilla Curtain

The Coyote In The Tortilla Curtain by T. Coraghessan Boyle, the author
repeatedly draws parallels between the actual coyote and the figurative coyote.

Boyle uses the actual coyote to show how the animal actually is. In this novel
the coyote acts as a symbol for many things. Boyle parallels the figurative
coyote with Jose Navidad who is portrayed as the bad character in the novel.

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Boyle also uses the coyote to parallel the illegal immigrants and the way the
coyote lives. Candido is one of the main characters in the novel that is an
illegal Mexican and is paralleled to the coyote. Boyle points out how the coyote
is symbolic of illegal aliens. He also shows the meanings of the literal coyote
to the real animal itself. In each of these cases, we see how the coyote plays
an important role in The Tortilla Curtain. The coyote in this novel is symbolic
towards the characters actions and their way of life. In the first part of
the novel entitled Arroyo Blanco we see how Boyle uses the literal coyote
to portray the real animal. The Mossbacher family consists of Delaney, Kyra, and
Jordan. They own two terrier dogs named Sacheverell and Osbert. One night a
coyote jumps over and eats Sacheverell. The family is heart broken over this so
they put up an even higher fence to keep out any unwanted animals. Again, the
coyote jumps over the fence and eats the other dog named Osbert. It seems as
though the coyote will do whatever is has to do to survive. Even if that means
breaking and entering. The homeowners association is trying to put up a gate to
keep out the Salvadorans, the Mexicans, the blacks, the gangbangers, and
taggers and carjakers(pg 39). Boyle uses the coyote as a symbol of
breaking in and taking whatever he wants. Even though the Mossbachers put up an
even higher fence, it still did not keep the coyote out, just as the gate may
not keep out the illegal aliens. Delaney is outraged at the fact that the
coyotes have eaten his dogs. They are trying to keep the coyotes out, just as
they are trying to keep all the illegal aliens out of Arroyo Blanco. They want
to keep the intruders out. Boyle also uses the coyote as a symbol to parallel
with the illegal aliens. Delaney Mossbacher writes a monthly column in the paper
that is about nature. In one of his columns he talks about how the coyotes live
compared with the illegal Mexicans. One coyote, who makes his living on the
fringes of my community has learned to simply chew his way through the
plastic irrigation pipes whenever he wants a drink. (Pg 212). This is one of
the quotes from Delaneys column. In this quote Delaney is talking about how
the coyote lives just like the illegal Mexicans. This is a definite parallel to
Candido. Candido is an illegal Mexican who is living in the hills trying to live
off the land. This is very much like the coyotes life. He too lives off the
land. Delaney also talks about having the Los Angeles county animal control
trap and euthanize the coyotes. This is very much like the la migra coming
to pick up all the illegal immigrants standing on the corner waiting for work.

Boyle uses the coyote to symbolize how they live and how Candido lives. Both are
very similar. Boyle points out that coyotes live off the land, as does Candido.

Candido is just like the coyote because he too is living off the land and is
using other peoples stuff to survive. Both Candido and the coyote are
intruding on other peoples property taking whatever they feel is necessary to
survive. Another person the has the resemblance of the coyote is Jose Navidad.

Like the coyote, Jose Navidad is also an intruder. He is described as a tall
pale man with between yellow and red eyes. Candido spots Jose at the top of the
trail coming down into the canyon. They exchange a few words and Jose leaves.

Candido feels that Jose is intruding on his space. Now he had to worry about
this stinking crack-toothed pendejo nosing around down in the canyon, as if he
didnt have enough problems already. (Pg 90). Candido is now very worried
that Jose may come down to his camp and steal all of his stuff. Jose Navidad is
much like the coyote because the coyote intrudes on other peoples space just
as Jose has. Later on in the novel Jose goes down to the camp and rapes
Candidos wife America. Jose has intruded on their space and took what he
wanted. In this case he rapes America. Also, Jose and his friend are found on
the Da Ros property. This is one of Kyras properties that she is trying to
sell. Kyra confronts Jose and she asks him what he is doing here. Jose says they
are just hiking and that they dont know this area very well. Kyra tells the
two men that they are on private property and they must leave. Later on when
Kyra comes back to the Da Ros place she sees Pinche Puta written on the side of
the house. This shows the character of Jose Navidad. He is an intruder who
intrudes on other peoples property and does what he pleases. This is just
like the coyote. The coyote also goes from place to place taking what he wants.

In each of these cases we have seen how Boyle uses his characters actions to
portray the coyote. The coyote has intruded on the Mossbachers property just
as Jose Navidad has intruded on the Da Ros property. In Delaneys column he
wrote that they are trying to kick out all the immigrants just as they are
trying to trap and euthanize the coyotes. Boyle also uses Candido to try
and portray how the coyote lives. The way Candido and America live is much
similar to the way the coyote lives. In each instance we can see that they both
scavenge around and try to live off of the land. In one of Delaneys columns
he writes that the coyote has adapted. We can see how Candido has adapted to his
surroundings just like the coyote has. In all of these cases we see how the
coyote resembles some part of the characters. The coyote has proved to be a
symbol in this novel because many of the characters actions have resembled
part of the coyote.

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