Death Of A Salesman

Death Of A Salesman Death of a Salesman: In the play, Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman: Willy Loman, a sympathetic salesman and despicable father whos life is a casting off has some traits that match Aristotles views of a tragic hero. Willys series of ups and downs is identical to Aristoles views of proper tragic figure; a king with flaws. His faulty personality, the financial struggles, and his inabiltity are three substantital flaws that contribute to his failure and tragic end. Willy, an aging salesman who sells nothing, is abused by the buyers, and repeatly borrows money from Charley to make ends meet. He is angered by the way his boss, Howard fired him after working for thirty-four-years at the same company, You cant eat the orange and throw the peel away–a man is not a piece of fruit! (Miller, 61). Willy is battling for his life, fighting to sustain a sense of himself that makes it worthwhile living at all in a world which seemingly offers less and less space for the individual.

Now, If it is true that tragedy is the consquence of a mans total complusion to evaluate himself justly, his destruction in the attempt posits a wrong or an evil in his environment. And this is precisely the morality of tragedy and its lesson. The discovery of the moral law, which is what the enlightenment of tragedy consists of, is not the discovery of some abstract or metaphysical quantity. (miller, common man) His problem is that he has so completely accepted the values of his society that he judges himself by standards rooted in social myths rather than human necessities. This lack of insight is strikingly similiar to traits of the tragic hero. As Aristotles writes, the tragic hero, Lives for honor and fame.

The glaring point of his faulty personality of neglecting others includes those closest to him, his wife, Linda and his two sons, Biff and Happy. Youll retire me for life on seventy goddamn dollars a week? (Miller, 28) is evidence of the cruelty Willy can show toward Happy as he does to Biff. Willy puts enormous pressure on his older son, Biff, to help him out in his time of need, Hap, [Willy] got to understand that Im not the man somebody lends that kind of money to, (Miller, 81). In the past, Biff went unexpectly to Boston, to a hotel where Willy was staying and begs Willy to come back to New York and convince his math teacher to give him a passing grade in a math course so he can graduate on time. While there, Biff sees the WOMAN in his fathers hotel room. Willy, at first, claims she is in the room because her shower is broken; then he changes the story and says he knows her through work, Theyre painting her room so I let her take a shower here. Go back, go back.. (Miller,93).

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It did not get much better at home either. He constantly puts down his wife and hates it when she interrupts him in his conversations with Biff and Happy, Willy reacts angrily,[to LINDA]: Stop interrupting! (Miller, 47). Willy does the best as he know how because his father was never there for him. Despite the good influence Willy has on his wife and two sons, he is a good father to his sons– because he spends time with them. For the most part, he is a decent husband who never abused his wife but his wrongs outweight the postive things he did do for his family. He has a difficult time selling anything to earn money, A hundred and twenty dollars! My god, if business dont pick up I dont know what Im going to do!, (Miller, 23).

He works very hard he has nothing to show for it. He decides that it was hard for him to travel to places of business and asks his boss, Howard, if he can work closer to home in New York. He gets fired for asking. His financial struggles continue with late bills, and no payment for his premium insurance; he is going deep into debt. He ignores the problems and thinks that everything is going to be all right.

Because of the booming economy, he is left behind in the dust; everybody competes for positions in their respective professions, in the world of Americas business. For, if it is true to say that in essence the tragic hero is intent upon claiming his whole due as a personality, and if this struggle must be total and without reservation, then it automatically demonstrates the indestructible will of man to achieve his humanity. (miller, common man) He worries for his family so he decidesl himself by getting in his vehicle and crashing into an object so his family could get money from insurance. Ironically, this trait matchs Aristotles views of a tragic hero; His heroic qualities contribute to his downfall. Willy, at times, is a despicable character who complains about the bad luck that has befallen him. He is also, at times, a sympathetic character who has no control over certain things in his life that which cause him hardships.

Some of Willys traits match Aristoles views of a tragic hero, a hero with specific qualities which contribute to his own downfall. Aristoles beliefs that a proper tragic figure is similiar with flaws of the main character in Arthur Millers book, Death of a Salesman. Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman: Does Willy Lomans despicable character and a sympathetic traits match Aristoles views of a tragic hero? By Martin Galloway Jr 11/13/00 Block 4 Mrs. Reese Outline: 1. Willy Loman has traits similiar to Aristotles view of a tragic figure.

A) Sympathetic character. B) Faulty personality. C) Finanical struggles. D) Ingnoring the family. 2. Sympathetic character A) An aging salesman who sells nothing, is abused by the buyers, and repeatly borros from Charley to make ends meet.

B) Fired by his boss, Howard. C) He judges himself by standards rooted in social myths rather than human necessities. 3. Faulty personality A) Neglecting others include one closest to him; his wife, Linda and his two sons, Biff and Happy. B) lying about affair.

C) Willy constantly put down his wife. 3. Finanical struggles A) He has a difficult time selling anything to earn money. B) Late bills, no premium insurance, and going deep into debt. C) The disadvantage the booming economy has on Willy. D) Finds a way to kill himself to support his family. 4.

Conclusion A) Willy, at times, is a despicable character B) Willy, at times, is a sympathetic character C) Some of Willys traits match Aristotles views of a tragic hero. Bibliography got A for good revisisons and bs like that.

Death Of A Salesman

Death Of A Salesman

On one spring day four black widow spiders (two begin male and 2 begin female) went up a tree in couples of the opposite sex. One couple was foreign to America, the other was not. They were all at their sexual prime and to do a mating ritual called sex. When the foreigners were done the male became very tired and all he wanted to do was sleep, but the much larger female spider flighty and talkative. She wanted to talk of their recent sexual experience, but the male was far too tired and told her to shut-up. Like all women she became emotionally scared and in retaliation she killed her much smaller spouse.

Not exactly the June Cleaver type of spider is she? On the other side of the tree lie the American Widows. The female does not feel that sexually active, but she spreads her eight legs and submits herself in honour of her idea of a greater male cause. The fact of the matter is that the American woman never had the chance to fulfill their mission (which is inborn in all of man) to prosper in life, but they cannot do this seeing that they are confined in the kitchen, busy doing the dishes and saying . . .yes dear.

Would you like another beer? The role of the American woman (which was to look after the man of the house and the house itself) is vividly exemplified through Linda Loman in Arthur Millers Death Of A Salesman. Of course Arthur knows all about the role of women in American society, how do you think his dishes got done when he was writing this play. Before we start to delve in the juicy core of this essay, lets get one thing straight. An aggressive and eager woman makes a powerful difference in the evolution of society. Take Lady Macbeth from William Shaksperes Macbeth.

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She did wonders for both Scotland and Macbeth. Its really ashame that hes own people decapitated him at the end of the play. Look at Eve from the Bible in the book of Genius. Good old Adam couldnt screwed it up for the rest of mankind without Eves guiding hand. And look at the Mrs.

Ramsay from Robertson Davies Fifth Business. Without her, poor Dunny probably wouldnt have joined the army and he would still had his leg that he lost in the war. On a more serious note, women have been deprived to excell in such things as politics for example. I believe the world would be a better place if the women were running it. Oh ya, there would be no war, the estragon of a woman would take care of that, well, except when there PMS-ing or the older ones are having hot flashes.

But there is a way around that problem. If the women organized it so there would be at least five to six female Presidents and the one thats in power thats PMS-ing would resign and go have visits intern – Monty Lewinsky while another President takes over. Furthermore there would be no world famine, except when the women are pregnant and there emotional session with Richard Simmons is over and he is out of there sight. It is indeed a fact that if the American Woman were to be treated equal to men (as they should be) I definitely believe that the world or America at least would have been a better place to live in, for the women would be the missing gap in most American situations that spaned outside the kitchen. Although they are not perfect like Lady Macbeth, Eve, and Mrs.

Ramsay either are us men. Linda Loman from Death Of A Salesman is one of those women that would have been an excellent as asset to her family and others around her. She was disheartened housewife which fulfilled all the tasks of the usual American housewife – that which is central to accomplish the American Dream(which was a family with a financially success for a father figure, a caring wife that is responsible for cooking, cleaning, support, sex whenever the man demands it, children minimum of two which are of the opposite sex, a nice house, a nice car and of course that white picket fence.) To follow Lindas example as she lives her life is to be considered to most Americans a prime example to go by. She is loving, caring, understanding and will do or say anything for her hubby – Willy Loman. If ever Linda gets out of line, Willy puts her back in line with a big old, shut-up, and she would try her best to do what he asks. When I realize how loyal and caring she is for her man, and how her man devalued her, just the slight thought of it gives me the willies.

I get utterly disgusted when I think about it. Lindas intelligence and insight goes far beyond that of Willys, but she never showed him that side of her, for if the American dream were to be true for the Lomans the man must be smarter than the female. Being influenced by the American Dream (by playing stupid infront of Willy) she was always on the outside looking in. When she was around her sons her insight on things shrines like the early morning rays from the sun, but when she is around Willy her vocabulary diminishes to, Yes Dear. or what, Dear? Knowing the problem of Willys insanity and suicidal attempts is bad enough, but under the American influence she is mentally hindered from doing anything about it. Thats quite heartbreaking. Behind every great man is a great woman – usually there in the back seat, but thats besides the point.

Unfortunately at one point in America the wisdom of women never went past that white picket fence. My interpretation of woman may be fogged with ignorance called testosterone, I personally dont understand them too much, I find them to be too emotional, but I do know woman never have been treated with enough respect, an they get used as pawns for males to further there career. The male goes to his woman for advice, while shes doing dishes or laundry or some type of housework of course, and the next day the man follows her advice and becomes successful. The man gets all the credit and all the while the woman had been waiting to immolate herself for her idea of a greater male cause. Bibliography Death Of A Salesman.


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