Decision To Drop The Atomic Bomb

Decision to drop the Atomic Bomb The atomic bomb controversy started on August 6, 1945. The Atomic bomb was first used in combat as it was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. The explosive power of the weapon was finally displayed. Within a few days, another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. The atomic bomb was one of the most destructive weapons of war used in combat.

It ended the seconed World War. However, the bomb’s used turned out to be a big controversy. President Harry Truman had many good reasons of dropping such a deadly bomb, but some people thought we shouldn’t have ended the war like we did. President Truman decided to put many years of nuclear warfare research to use when he choose to use the new weapon. The atomic bomb was built as a weapon of war, the purpose of it was for a military weapon. America was at war and congress had allowed spending two billion dollars on the project.

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If the United States did not use the weapon, an asset, as well as a lot money, would have been wasted. Another reason Truman decided to use the atomic bomb was to end such a horrific war quickly and without the loss of many american lives. Many people did die as a result of the atomic bomb, but the amount saved if far more greater. Truman new if he decided to go on with traditional war with Japan, the amount of americans dead would be tremendous. President Truman decided that he would spare the lives of many americans by using the atomic bomb at cost of some of the enemy’s civilians.

The Japanesse attack on Pearl Harbor brought us into a war which we had vainly hoped to avoid. We could no longer do nothing but were compelled t do something to roll back the Japenesse militariasts. Our natural right of self defense as well as our moral duty to defeat justified Truman’s decision to wage the war and, ultimately, to drop the atomic bomb. Truman was a man who understood the moral issues at stake and who had the courage to strike a decisive blow that quickly brought to an end to the most destructive war in human history. President Truman had very good reasons of why to drop the atomic bomb;though, people had remained controversial to his decision.

Some american people were upset we had opened a new nuclear age. They had great anxiety and fear of dropping the bomb. Some americans thought, yes, it may have end the war, but later they thought we would suffer the consequences. They felt if we dropped the bomb, which we did, it would cause the collapse of the greatest threat to world peace. In the end though, Truman fought this and knew fear is a part of the human condition and these peacful nations that learn to live with the destructive potential of nuclear power and copalle of great good.

In conclusion, I feel President Truman made a good decision. He was not in a position to do anything, but allow the dropping bomb to prevent millions of american soldiers deaths. If all things are considered, Truman made the right decision. The amount of american lives, Truman saved is immeasurable. I believe the atomic bomb proved to be an extremely valuable weapon for the United States as it ended World War two.

I also think though the topic of dropping the atomic bomb will always remain controversial.