Definition of Power

defPower can be viewed as a wide variety of ideas. Some may believe that it is money, others the ability to boss people around. Whatever one may think it is, I believe that power is the ability to get what you when one want it, authority. Bill Gates could show this because he has so much money that he can pay for everything, but wealth is not truly the definition of power. A person may have a large sum of money, but may not be powerful because he has no real authority of the people that work for him. Instead, the person that runs the business has the real power because people see this man daily and must respect his authority. A leader of a gang could also show power. Although this leader may not have much money, he does have the ability to ask the members of this gang to perform tasks for him, which he may benefit from.
Furthermore, power can be taken away even if the person once had this supremacy. For example, a leader of a tribe could have his power taken away by the members of the tribe for over exaggerating his rule.
Power is also a give and take situation if there is a group of people in power. If one would like to gain more power, he might have to give up something in return. But in the end both people benefit from this relationship.