Description Of A Person

Description Of A Person Descriptive Essay As I was sitting in the cafeteria, I realized that this assignment wasn’t easy to write. I began to observe many people and I noticed that it could be very interesting to actually sit and observe someone for a long period of time. I decided to sit alone and actually pick someone who probably would have a lot to describe about. I chose this elderly man whom I’ve seem since I started the university. I think he must be about 80 years old and he is enrolled in many classes.

Coincidently, he was sipping his coffee and eating his crackers when I began to observe him. The first thing that came to my mind is how admirable it is to see someone that age enrolled in the university. It makes really stop and realize that I have a great privileged to be able to come to school everyday. I wonder why he is in school now and I wonder what he must be thinking. He seemed very puzzled for a moment when he began to look for his car keys. I noticed he had dropped them on the floor and I helped him pick it up.

He had this enormous smile as I looked at him and picked up the keys for him. He repeatedly said, “thank you dear.” As I continued, observing him, my mind began to drift and assume all these possibilities in which he might be in school now. Some assumptions I made is that he is retired, maybe not married and wants some entertainment in his life. He looks like a prestigious man. The times I seem he is always wearing his thick, dark glasses which are slightly taped on the side and his red suspenders. His shoes seem old, but he is probably like my grandfather who always liked his oldest pair of shoes because they were the most comfortable.

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It was great to actually sit and observe someone, you can get a lot of it without actually knowing it. Engineering Reports.