Doll house

The play, A Doll’s House 1879 by Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), depicts the different times in the ending decade of the 19th century. Today we still see similar situations and conflicts in our society. In the following essay I plan to reflect on the conflicts and situations in society in its comparison the play A Dolls House.
To begin with, lack of communication is an ongoing p
roblem in many marriages today. Communication is a key element for the success in a marriage. As seen, in the play, Nora admits to not having a serious conversation with her husband. “We’ve been married for eight years. Does it occur to you that this is the first time that we two, you and I, man and wife, have ever had a serious talk together” (p.1343)?
Second, women leaving men in order to find themselves is more common today than it was in the early 19th century. As you can see it was occurring then but it wasn’t as common. A prime example is when Nora tells Helmer she wants to leave him, “I must stand on my own feet if I am to find out the truth about myself and about life. So I can’t go on living here with you any longer “(p. 1344).

Last of all, the economic situations and conflicts were almost the same if not the same as today. Throughout the years economic situations and conflicts change very seldom. In the play Helmer expresses his feelings towards his economic situation. “Yes, it’s a wonderful thing to know that one’s position is assured and that one has an ample income. Don’t you agree? It’s good to know that, isn’t it?”(p.1300)? As you can see Helmer is content with economic situation and it seems as is that was something that had been bothering him.

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