Morality has been questioned by people, honored by people and revered
since the dawn of time. Yet till this day not one of us can say what is morally
right? It is all up to the persons opinions. In the book Frankenstein, by Mary
Shelley, Doctor Frankenstein is faced with a question of morality whether to
create another monster. It was morally right for Doctor Frankenstein to not
create the second monster. The first monster had already ran away and
wreaked havoc on the local townsman and killed most of Doctor
Frankensteins family and friends. Even though Frankenstein knew it was
morally right, he still had doubts because of the safety of his family. Looking
at this dilemma with his family in mind, the doctor does not begin work on his
second monster. The monster angrily said to Frankenstein, I can make you
so wretched (Shelley 162). Which is good for most people that arent
related to Doctor Frankenstein. The monster also kills one of Frankensteins
good friends (Cherval) because the monster knew that he was dear and close
to him. One of the biggest things that Frankenstein feared was the life of
Elizabeth who the monster kills while she was trying to sleep. Frankenstein
knew that when he told the monster that he would not create another monster
he knew that the monster would go berserk and end up killing his family.

After all of this killing that the monster had done, Frankenstein knew with out
a doubt that creating another monster would not be right. After Frankenstein
saw the destruction that one monster could do, he probably got a glimpse of
what two monsters could end up doing and that probably also made him
chose to not to create the monster. With two monsters on the loose they
could end up breeding and starting a new race of super evil soldiers that
could end up wiping out Europe. The monsters can potentially take over
whatever they please, A race of devils be propagated. (163) Thought
Frankenstein to himself. Shall I, in cold blood, set loose upon the earth a
demon. (162) Argues Doctor Frankenstein with his creation. If
Frankenstein does create a mate for the monster there is a chance that the
monster will not keep his promise and still terrorize everyone because the
monster is pure evil and can not be trusted. Another factor that has to
concern with Frankenstein not creating the monster is because he is so evil
and corrupted. Frankenstein first of all has a brain of a criminal and therefore
doesnt really know any other thing except to kill and be evil. Then the
environment where he grew up in also mad the monster go crazy because the
first thing that the creator (Frankenstein) did was neglecting it then running
away form it. The monster then had to live on its own in the forest and while
he was in the forest didnt really learn any people skills especially after the
family in the woods tried to kill him. Finally after he confronts the monster
confronts the creator he refuses his only request for a mate and that just
triggers his rage. With these series of events ended up a horrible monster and
another monster just like this would bring hell to earth. The problem, making
or not making the second monster, played heavily on Frankensteins mind,
possibly the cause of his temporal insanity. Even though Doctor Frankenstein
began his work for the good of man kind, his experiment ended up hurting
himself and his family. But for the good of man kind Frankenstein did not
create the second monster and therefore saved the world (in the book). Even
though the monster did do a lot of killing most of it should be blamed on
Frankenstein himself because hes the one that set the monster up in the kind
of environment that it grew up in.

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