Gun Control

One in four households in the United States have a loaded handgun. This stunning fact
is unbelievable yet true. Anyone in the household could gain access to this deadly firearm. Gun
control is needed in todays society. Gun control would prove that guns arent a necessity of
todays life. It would also lower the crime rate. Gun control is a large factor of safety.

Gun control is essential since it will prove guns arent needed in todays world. Our
society and our way of life have changed since the constitution was written. When the
constitution was written, people did not live close together as people do today. People lived on
huge farms and hunting was their main source of food. They couldnt just run to the store to buy
food. They had to hunt animals for food. They also had to protect themselves from the trials of
the harsh wilderness. They also needed a gun to protect themselves from animal attacks and
thieves in the night. To these people, guns were absolutely necessary for survival. Today, guns
are not needed because we no longer are in danger from those situations, considering the times
have changed. Another example is the fact that guns are used for protection. Guns cause more
havoc than protection. It is very rare that a gun is used to create peace. In todays world, there
are police forces keeping peace.

The controlling of firearms would cause the crime and murder rate to decrease. Most
crimes today involve a firearm. Between 1933 and 1982, nearly one million Americans were
killed by firearms in murders, suicides, and accidents. Since 1960, more than half a million
people have died as the result of gun injuries. In 1992, at least 35,000 people had died by
gunfire. Today, among all consumer products, only cars outpace guns as a cause of fatal injury.

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Guns will likely pass them by 2003. If guns were better controlled, the crime rate would go
favorably down since guns cause many fatal injuries. Between 1985 and 1994, an average of
274,000 guns were reported stolen to the FBI each year. It is obvious that guns cause crimes.
If firearms were under control, America would be a much safer place. When a gun is
involved, there is always a chance someone will be injured or killed. On April 27, 1998, a
teenage boy opened fire on fellow students and teachers at a school dance in rural northwestern
Pennsylvania, killing a teacher and wounding two youths. Handguns and assault rifles are
suited for killing people therefore they should be controlled or even banned. People are not
using these weapons in the proper way. Children as victims of guns is another example of gun
hazards. In Greensboro, North Carolina, a four-year-old boy shot and killed a six year old
playmate. The six year old was shot in the neck on his birthday, after the children found a
loaded .38 caliber semi-automatic handgun in a purse. A child doesnt know much about how
deadly a loaded firearm can be. This is why children shouldnt ever be in a situation involving a
gun. If guns were properly controlled, this wouldnt be a worry.

Gun control is an essential key in todays world. There is absolutely no practical use for
automatic assault rifles. More weapons mean more crime. Guns under control would create a
much safer environment. Sadly enough, a person will be murdered by a handgun in the next
sixty minutes.

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