Accrue-accumulate, amass, Garner
Denigrate -disparage, decry, deprecate, belittle
Purvey-furnish, provide
Repudiation reject, renounce, disclaim, disown
Intensify magnify, deepen, enhance
Debauch =corrupt. Pervert, defile
Subvert overthrow, corrupt
Magnates tycoon, mogul
Cardinal = principal, fundamental
Carnal -fleshly
Hubris-conceit, smugness, effrontery
Pervasive-ubiquitious, omnipresent
Amenable-agreeable, responsive
Pun-double innuendo; ambiguity
Quasi-almost, seemingly, apparently
Merit-worth, value, dueeg. Merit close attention
Impute-ascribe, attribute , charge, refereg. Impute a status
Exempt-excused, immune, freed
Ravage-damage, ruineg ravage by time
Crass-crude, base, churlish, rude
Plethora-plenty, surfeit
Throes-pain, suffering. Agonyeg. Throes of change
Prerogative- right, privilege
Bereft-dispossessed, bereaved
Subordination-servitude, servility, subservient
Marginalisation -peripheral, nonessential
Negate-denial, repudiate,, retract, neutralize, annul
Repeal-revocation., retraction. Annulment
Advent-coming, arrival, appearance
Temper-mood, dispositioneg. Temper of town life
Jettison-abandon, cast off or thrown off board, eject
Pernicious-harmful, pestiferous, baneful,
Salient-important, conspicuous, striking
Vignette-play, skit, piece, stint
Foothold-basis, foundation
Rigour-, harshness strictness, severity
Stringency- strictness, severity
Excoriation- erosion. Friction,. Attrition
Galling-annoying, irritating
Morbid-extreme, gruesome
Aficionado-fan, devotee, buff
Woes-sorrow, anguish
Divine-godly, heavenly
Untrammelled-unchecked, ungoverned, uncurbed
Circumscribe-limit, restrict, confine
Circumvent-surround, encircle, entrap
Fore-up front
Bulwark-defense, barrier, fortification
Assail-attack, beset