Holland Selfdescription

Holland Self-Description HOLLAND SELF-DESCRIPTION I am a very simple person with somewhat of a strong belief in myself and what I am capable of. I like a hand on approach to everything that I do and that is why I seem to excel in sports. I look to work in labs and work with computers, with stuff that I can put my hands on and manipulate. Out of the six Holland types that I could have been, after doing the questionnaires my highest scores were in realistic, investigative and artistic. Investigative and artistic were tied at ten each but I am more of a investigative person and I had more job options in investigative so I chose that over artistic. So I decided that I would use investigative and realistic in my discussion further in the section. THE CAREER KEY RESULTS The results of the career key are as follows : realistic = 14 : Investigative = 10 : Artistic = 10 : Social = 6 : Enterprising = 3 : Conventional = 7 From these results I did a search for the different jobs that could be found under the most popular or the types that I got the highest scores.

Under realistic I had some choices such as mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, mechanic etc. Under investigative, I had choices such as physicist and computer programmer. For artistic I only had one option and that was being and actor. The other three did not have very high scored so I didn’t really go into researching them. Alternatives When considering the different alternatives that I have as far a the different careers that came up in the list , there were a lot of different careers that I was interested in, I had a lot of different alternatives.

Some of my main choices were in the field of engineering, be it mechanical or electrical. I also had a few suggestions that were in the field of computers and information systems, all of which I really would like to go into. As far as the difference in salary go, since they are all in a similar job bracket they all have similar salary ranges. As the Career key web site indicated, another alternative is to put off choosing a career until later down the road and try to focus on what I more important at this point in time. A good example given is to focus on choosing the correct courses, majors or training courses that I should take in order to qualify myself for the job or jobs that I am looking at. Consequences The consequences to me of the job opportunities that I have set in mind for myself are not what I would personally call consequences. The ‘consequences’ that would come as a result of me choosing these careers would be at most me having to be away from my family at times, when I had to travel for the company.

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This would be a consequence for me but also a consequence that my family would have to deal with. The job I want to go into is not one that I would necessary have to travel too much, and if I had to travel, it would be one a off and on basis. Another factor that I would have to look at is if the people around we approve of the job that I chose. The job that I am going into is a normal white- collar job that is common in today’s society. Computers and other related jobs are well paying and well respected positions in today’s work place, so I don’t believe that the would be anyone who would disapprove of.

On a whole there are not many consequences of the jobs that I am interested in, for me, or the people that matter to me, my family, close friends and other important people. Information The career field that I would like to go into, is one that I have access to a lot of information on the different needs and requirements. The company that my dad works with is heavily into to computers and generators and other such mechanical equipment. And the people that work with him are highly qualified and are able to give me a lot of info. I am constantly asking them about the different aspects of the job, the qualifications needed to get the job, the demands on a person, the hours and other such information. So I have a good idea as to what I would be facing if I were to get a job such as they have, and have a better background to judge whether or not I really want to go into this particular career.

Plan I have already put a plan into action that will guaranty me that I will be able to have the qualifications that I need to get into the job I want. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science, with a minor in math. This will or should put me into put me into a good position to get me a job in the lower levels of my chosen career. I will also put me in a good position to be able to further my education or my qualification to a master’s or higher. One of the consequences or the only real consequence that I have to plan for is the fact that I might have to travel with or for the company.

The only thing that I can really do in this situation is to is let my family know in advance when I will be needed to travel and to try my best not to miss important days and events and to avoid as much as possible having to be away for long periods of time or on consecutive occasions, so that I would be able to spend time with my family and that I don’t wear myself down. Holland Type #1 (Realistic) I am the type of person that likes to work with tools and machines. I like to work with my hands and manipulate things to make things work. I like the hands on approach of doing things, setting up and doing labs (physics labs) etc. are the kind of things I like to do.

I have a natural ability to work with tools; equipment and machines. I can work with electrical drawings and instructions, to put things together and to make them work. I value what I can see, touch and use. If I can get my hands on something I will have a better understanding of how and why it works, or what it is used for and therefore have a better understanding of that object. I see my self as a practical person with good mechanical …