I Am A Qualified Administrative Assistant With Four Years Experience Serving Executive Management For A Large Manufacturing C

I am a qualified Administrative Assistant with four years experience serving executive management for a large manufacturing company. My qualifications include extensive PC knowledge, customer service skills, itinerary planning, and report writing. I was recently discussing these qualifications with Mary Smith, Vice President of Marketing. Mary believes that I am uniquely qualified for a position in your office. Although my resume is actively on file with Human Resources, Mary suggested that I contact you directly for consideration.

Enclosed is my resume for your review and consideration. I will be in the area on August 20, 199- and would like to meet with you to discuss my qualifications in greater detail. You can expect to hear from me next week to arrange a time. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, recent, controversial repeal of the federal highway speed limit guidelines is a truly significant step.

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Whatever side of the issue you personally stand on, the fact that states may now set their own speed limits will undoubtedly have an enormous effect people’s driving habits. Because of the hot nature of the issue, we thought it worthwhile to open a discussion on the Edmund’s site about the prudence of this legislative act. We begin with a short article by Christian Wardlaw, our automotive editor. Following his article, we have collected several additional articles and reports further discussing this issue. Some are in strong favor of the legislation, some are vehemently opposed.

At the end, we offer you the opportunity to make your own comments. We will post your comments as they arrive. Hopefully, the articles we have provided will encourage some thoughtful, genuine dialog on this topic. We look forward to hearing from you. It is really funny that we are just now getting the speed limits on highways to what they should be. In Washington our major freeways are now 70 MPH and the freeways through the city is 60 MPH. It is about time.

The government needs to raise the speed on many other roads however. In the 1970’s we had a fuel shortage. This caused gas prices to go up. The speed limits were lowered to 55 MPH. After a while the government noticed that deaths on the highways also went down.

So for the last 20 years we have been stuck driving at 55 MPH. Finally we were able to move the speed limits to 65 MPH on rural highways. Now the wonderful Republicans have allowed the states to decied their own speed limits. Montana had the right idea. No daytime speed limit.

Washington when to 70 MPH and Idaho has their limit at many different speeds. Many people, when the feds allowed the states to make up the speed limits, said that the death rate would skyrocket on our highways. There is a problem with their argument. They are forgetting the fact that in those 20 years our cars have gotten safer. Now anti-lock brakes, air-bags and seatbelt laws have helped reduce traffic death rates not the lower speed. Bibliography day, oneto1 1999.