In both the traditional and not so traditional tal

es of Snow White and Snow White Tale of Terrordespite there many differences, the plots are both based on jealousy. As viewers watch the movies they are dazzled by the mysterious mirror, entranced by the different takes of the story line, and know that there will be a happy ending. Both movies do a great job of keeping you interested until the end.

In both versions of the movie a mirror is used. In the more traditional version the wicked stepmother uses it to make sure she is the fairest one of all. But in the terror version, the mirror distorts reality and makes the stepmother look beautiful, it shows her what she wants to see and not the truth. In both cases Snow White is the fairest of them all, and then from there the stepmothers seek her death. Their plans backfire and they end up deceased, which proves that when you play with fire you get burnt. Their jealousy caused their own deaths.

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In the two story lines the major difference is the role the dwarfs play in Snow Whites life. In the traditional version she stumbles upon their cottage in the forest when they are not home and helps out by cleaning for them. They come home and discover her and gladly open their hearts to her. She is looked up to by the dwarfs like a mother, and in return she receives their unconditional love. In the terror tale, she is discovered by the dwarfs who persist on harassing her because she comes from royalty. They say she has no business being in their home and they dont take a liking to her right away. They considered her bad luck within them. Except in this version, after a while, one of the dwarfs fall in love with her, and she ends up with him in the end instead of her prince. That is a very interesting twist in the plot that takes you by surprise.