Family: Panthera onca Genus: Felis
Class :Carnivora Species: Onca
Order: Felidae
The body length of the Jaguar is 44-73 inches long, the tail length is 18-
30 inches and the total length of the Jaguar is 6 to 7 feet. The male Jaguar
weighs 125 to 250 lbs. and the female Jaguar weighs from 100 to 200 lbs. and
Jaguars can live up to 22 years.

The Jaguar lives from Central America to Patugonia, but the largest are
found in Mato Grossa that in Brazil. The Jaguar often gets mixed up with the
tiger even though they don’t really live in the same area at all, but they are both
related and are both also related to the Lion and the Panther.

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Little is known about the family life of the Jaguar, but they do know
that they have almost been hunted to extinction for their furs and that there are
only about 200 wild Jaguars left in the world today. Scientist find it very
difficult to study the Jaguar because the Jaguar is so rare of an animal. Most
of the information about Jaguars come from watching the ones in the zoo’s
that breed very successfully. The Jaguar lives alone most of its life except for
during mating season witch is usually during autumn. The male Jaguar leaves
soon after breedingleaves the female to raise the 1-4 cubs that are blind
when born and only weigh 25-32 ounces. The baby Jaguars will start
exploring about 2 weeks after being born and begin hunting with their mother
in about 6 months. The cubs stay with their mother for 2 years before finding
their own territory and hunting grounds. If the Jaguar finds a territory where
there is a lot of food available the Jaguar might live in a 3 mile circular
diameter for its entire life. But if the Jaguar is unsuccessful in finding a good
territory with food the Jaguar might spend its life spanning over 200 square
miles of land. The Jaguar can cover a lot of ground quickly but soon gets
tired. Because of this they don’t seem to hunt in the open but in the night
were they can suprisenlly sneak up on their prey. The Jaguars diet usually
consist of forest animals ranging in size from a mouse to a deer. The Jaguar
is a very good swimmer and an excellent fisher. The jaguar catches is fish by
using their claw to flip the fish out of the water and on to the riverbank.