Jake Bralie

.. ring the time that she was running it she heard many a story about miners coming down from the northern territories with the stories of striking it rich. Thats when she realised the prospect of money That daring, which nobody had ever suspected in her, awoke, (299). She decided to go for the glorey. She sold her busisness and set out for the alaskan territory, but not with out a little bit of help.

she went in the compony of a carpenter and his wife whom she had presuaded to go along with her (300). The day she arived she herd a tale from a man claming that there had been a rich gold strike farther up river and with that she and her companions and around fifteen hundred people set out as well. But unfortunatly with in a few weeks her along with the droves of other people wer out of work. But this sparked Tineys busisness savy. (300) Tiny and the carpenters wife began to cook for them, in a tent.

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The miners gave her a bulding lot, and the carpenter put a log hotel for her. This not only inisated her busisness savy but helped her become extrodernaraly wealthy. After about ten years of being a hard core busisness woman she lost intrest in much of what she held dear for the majority of her life up to that point. (301) …She said frankley that nothing intrested her much now but making money. Not much may have gotten her excited any more but she was still a good person at heart. (302) Oh, shes just the same as she always was! Shes careless, but shes level-headed.

Even though she had been in the harsh busisness world for many years she didnt let it get to her and depress her. (302) Shes the only person I know who never gets any older. Not only did Tiny live an adventorious life, she left a legacy behind her. She left her hotel in Alaska and her saylor house behind as well. Those are monuments to her work that will be left till long after Tinys death. What she built will last long after Tiny Soderball has left.

Lena Lengard lead a life far diffrent from that of her friends. Her attention was not meaditly focused upon success, but upon men. Many of the elder women of Black Hawk belive the working girls of the town (Antonia, Lena, & Tiny) to be trouble, and rightly so. The elder ladies of the town saw the working girls as a problem for there daughters and granddaughters, the town girls. They precived this problem when they realised the working girls, especially Lena, were ganing the attention of the town boys and in turn drawing the boys attention away from the young women of Black Hawk.

Antonia, Tiny, and Lena accomplished this remarcably well. But no one could rival Lena. She never even had to say a word to keep any one of the town boys mesmorised, all Lena needed to rely on was her buity. But more than once her buity got her into quite the situiation (167) Ole sliped out of the hitch- bar and lifted Lena on her horse… that in its self was shocking, a married man was not expected to do such things. As shocking to others as that was that incident did not come with out its attempts at rectification.

(168) ….Lena came bounding through the red grass as fast as her white legs could carry her. She ran straight in to the house and hid in Antonias fathers bed. Marry was not far behind: she came right up to the door and made us feel how sharp her blade was, showing us very graphicaly just what she ment to do to Lena. At one time there was the posability of Lena marrying Jim Burden but Jim Decided to follow the path that had been laied out for him. But the path that Lena followed was true to what made up her caracter.

She went on to be successfull her self. (298) ..While Lena Lengard , for whom people had always fortold trouble, was now the leading dressmaker of linkolen, much respected in Black Halk. But Lincolen was not what made her successfull. It was Tiny soderball in essence that made her success. Tiny knew of the exceptional quality of Lenas dresses. (301) Tiny had persuaded Lena to come to San Francisco and go into busisness there.

The quality of Lenas dresses caught the eye of the local women in San Francisco. They bought her creations and came back faithfully for talor made dresses for years to come. She may have followed the path true to her self but not the path true to man. Man was placed on the earth to harvest it and make it fertile. To change it from a a blek and desolate to a livable and breathable home for people to live and build lives and famlies.

Make fertile and then in the end die and reaturn to the earth. But mans purpos is not to just develop land to farms but to build socioty. To expand human kind to a more evolved state. To learn as much as we can. To connect people and to create community.

Antonia achived this by creating a firtile land out of desolate prary. She not only created a living chunk of land amongst so much berin prery but she brought forth life unto the land. A close analogy is to god. He created the garden of eden which contaned every thing that was needed to sustane life. The farm that Antonia had created could sustane the life of her family.The garden of eden contaned everything that was needed for adam and eve needed to live. But all this conformed to the path that Antonia was to walk.

She was put on this earth to create life, wether it be in the form of children or a farm. She was by nature a country girl. The man she married was a city person by nature. But the pull of her destiny was so strong upon her that not even her husband could keep her from the task farm and family. Antonias path was the closest path to the true path of man.

Mans path was to create a home of the earth where they could propagate and pass on there knolage to there children and so forth. (320) Father Kelly sais that everybodys put on this world for somthing and I know what I have to do This is a quote of Antonia thatproves that she realises her path. She was to create life and she stated that is whast she would do. As stated above Antonia by deffinision was a country girl and Cusak was a city man but (367) It did rather seem to me that Cusak had been the instrument of Antonias special mission which brings us back to the quote on (320). Not even her husband could stop her from folowing the path that she was ment to follow. (338-39) We were standing outside talking, when they all came running up the steps together, big and little, tow heads and gold heads and brown Antonia most certanly brought life to the world, but it is an anoligie to Antonia and how she brought fourth life from her woumb which in the quote (following) was the dark cave and brought them out into the light which was the world.

(339) …. a veritable explosion of life out of the dark cave into the sunlight… But this all still leaves you with the question so what? Willa Cather belives that women have options even in her day. Now a days her beliefs in women still apply. But now there are many more options avalable to women.