Jeffersons Party

Jefferson’s Party The view that many believe while studying our countrys political history is the Federalist Party was a dedicated supporter of a strong central government. They believed that the Constitution was a document that needed to be molded and amended in order to meet the needs of the country. The traditional view of the Democratic- Republican party is that they support states rights and feel that most of the governing of the country should be done on the state level. The Democratic- Republicans, or Jeffersonian Republicans, also believed in reading the Constitution fundamentally and grant the government powers that were addressed in the document. These views are the basic principals that each of parties are based upon. It can be seen in Jeffersons statement to Gideon Granger that it, is surely best that the states are independent and to everything within themselves, and united as to everything respecting foreign nations.

Contrary to traditional characterization of both the Federalist and Democratic Republican parties, politicians would break away from the conventional party platforms and support issues that they felt strongly about. For instance, Daniel Webster, a Federalist from New Hampshire spoke out against an overly aggressive government with the issues regarding drafting citizens into the military. The typical Federalist would feel that a draft was necessary in order to defend the country, and although the Constitution did not specifically address the situation, amendments should be made for our national interest. Jefferson himself was a prime example of an idealistic politician who put the good of the country over his Republican values. The Louisiana Purchase was performed in a manner with which many conventional Democratic Republicans would argue against. Jefferson bent and shaped the Constitution into a document that allowed him to double the size of the country.

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He was willing to compromise with his original values in order to improve and fortify America. Jefferson told Samuel Kercheval, Some men look a constitutions with sanctimonious sacred to be touched. But I know also, that laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. The powerful statements made by Jefferson, Webster and many other politicians prove that it is often necessary to compromise individual ideas for the good of an entire country. This basis of compromise is the true foundation of our government and our history.