JH Badenhorst 12016748 assignment 2

Religious ground motives have been controlled the development of western
culture. According to dooyeweeerd the most important are the sprit of
ancient civilization, Christendom and modern humanism.

In the post modern world culture is les demeaning then technology
Technology stirs powerful emotions in many people. Some see it as highly
beneficial, i.e. the key to more opportunities and higher living standards
around the world. Others see it as a malign force which increases
inequality within and between nations, disempowers the weak, threatens
employment and increase poverty.

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Technology essentially refers to the expansion of traditionally home-based
operations into those which influence, assets and human and financial
resources in other countries/regions. It manifests itself in, for example,
the widespread use of English as the language of business, the convergence
of consumer tastes in cars, clothing and leisure pursuits, and the spread
of commercial influence through multinational trade. Undoubtedly, the main
driving force behind Technology is technological process as evidenced in,
for example, computer and cell phone technology.

On the positive side Technology has broaden people’s vision and
understanding of other countries and culture. The negative impact of – or
at least the challenges associated with Technology include the intense
competition witch has been unleashed upon the world, that constant pressure
people to learn and adapt to new technologies, and the erosion of
traditional cultural values.