Judging A Politician’s Worth By Sex

Judging a Politician’s Worth by Sex
Is it fair to measure a politicians public worth by his/her sexual behavior? This a question which has been brought before me and requires an answer, or a position on which I stand, fair or unfair? Well, I think it is fair.

After a two-year scandal involving President Bill Clinton and his sexual escapades with different women besides his wife, I cant help but see a direct comparison in this question. Using President Clinton works as an excellent example as to why I take the position I do. For obvious reasons a politicians public worth should not only be measured by his/her sexual behavior, but this should be an important consideration. Every time a new president is elected they are sworn in, they raise their right hand and swear to approximately 272 million people to uphold certain duties as president. Each time a president neglects to uphold one of these duties or if he/she is found to be committing a crime, a process is followed to decide whether or not the president should be impeached. If the act is found to be minor or not an impeachable offense, business continues as usual, but the dignity or public worth of this individual has to be questioned by the public, because as the employers of these politicians it is our duty.

Now even though it might not seem relevant to use the president, or any politician being sworn in as a valid example, in comparison to marriage vows, I think it is valuable. Along with marriage comes a word called fidelity, this is usually touched upon at the ceremony or even before, this means to be faithful and loyal. When a person such as President Bill Clinton, or any politician professes his/her love and fidelity to his/her life partner, which is only one person, then without any regret, completely disregards those promises. How can a politician like this make a promise or swear to uphold certain duties to approximately 272 million strangers and be trusted? In my opinion that is the exact definition of public worth.

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Whatever goes on between consenting adults in private is nobodys business but their own, and that holds for sex as for anything else. Why should anybody even care whether Mary has fifteen lovers or none, whether Jack prefers sex with Bill to sex with Jane, or whether married couples like to swing with other married couples. Just because you personally disapprove of such things doesnt make them wrong. We all have the right to live our lives as we see fit as long as we dont interfere with the rights of others to live their lives as they see fit. Promiscuous people, homosexuals, and swingers dont tell you how to live your life. Dont tell them how to live theirs.(Olen ; Barry pg.82) In essence I completely agree with this statement, but for a politician whose personal life is completely in the eye of the public especially when there is a scandal involving his/her sexual endeavors, this becomes a measurement of their public worth. These politicians are well aware of how their lives will be affected in the world of politics and this is something they must keep in mind when entering a situation that might compromise their worth to the public which elected them.

I feel strong on my position and think if the economy wasnt doing as well as it is the Bill Clinton scandal would have been worse for him. Im not a political buff or analyst by any means but before the Bill Clinton sex scandal my opinion of his public worth and his principals were much greater than after the scandal. That might not be completely fair but it is my opinion.