King susie

susie went to the market to purchase some pantaloons and found that they were on sale. she bought them and her mother was so happy she baked her a cake.

the end.

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Post Script: heres what i think of school:
school is a time when freedom is yet a distant memory from the mind of the educationally enslaved. he who does not dream of such happpieness is indefinatly unsane, as is the whole pop-culture thing sweeping our gullible nation. as we are held by the prision guards know as teachers, punished for our lack of knowledge, we are called to attention and in the case of refusal to cooperate, we are punished by the harsh thursday afternoon improsionment otherwise called detention.
as time drags on, we pass through the seasons, hoping for the day when freedom is returned and instead of homework, floders, and sadness, there is swimming, sleeping in, and riding the bicycle, though it seems so far away. those that have gone before us say that these are the best days of our lives….. whoever said that must have eaten cambel’s tomato soup (mm mm good!) with orange juice and a toasted cheese sandwich as a child in 1995, the year ofour lord. i need a vacation from this job.

Project 86 is the bestband in the world next to MxPx and Linkin Park. Howmany words have i posted? i havent a clue. i need 250 but no mater how many i add, there seems not to be enough. parhas the website employees are playing a trick upon my mindless head. or maybe not….?