Lifes Progression

Life’s Progression Lifes Progression Most everyone has been at a point in their lives that crucial decisions have to be made about their future. Each one of us has set specific goals that we feel need to be achieved for our future. As we grow older the goals that we set early in our young adulthood become increasingly important. We are aware of drastic changes, which will be occurring, in our lives; therefore, we place importance on a few specific goals that we feel are important to us. Upcoming retirement is becomes increasingly important to us. Employment in the military has created a sense of security.

Job security is one issue; in fact, knowing the military wouldnt go out of business or lay us off has been a comfort. Another fact we havent been required to complete a resume or attend a job interview in the last 18 years. The military provides a job, which doesnt require a resume or an interview, for a determined amount of time. This style of job seeking can lead to false sense of security; consequently, once in the civilian sector we meet a different way of doing business. A very important aspect of our lives is education. The job markets of todays society demand higher educations than ever before. For example a high school diploma is essential to obtain most jobs even those that are manual labor. Higher education enables increased salaries and benefits.

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Many technically skilled jobs promote healthy annual earnings and provided medical benefits, but they also require a higher level of education. Foremost in our lives should be faith. We know that with faith we can achieve the things we desire in life. Faith will help us keep focused on our goals, and provide us guidance in meeting each of them. Feel that strong faith in our beliefs will also encourage confidence in us. Conviction in our beliefs and us will facilitate demands that are required to attain the necessary goals in providing for our future. Therefore with retirement in our near future there are necessary goals we must achieve.

Completion of these goals cant be done without faith in our beliefs and ourselves. With faith we can attain an education, which will smooth the process of the drastic changes that are in our future. Creative Writing.