“”Silas Marner
Through out this marvellously written novel, George Elliot use of
beautiful language and imagery makes ‘Silas Marner’ one of the greatest
ever reads. After being was accused of stealing church money and declared
guilty even though he wasn’t, Silas Marner lost his relationships with
friends and loved ones. Unable to cope with the shame, which was cast upon
him, Marner moved away to a small town and secluded himself from any social
activities or events, finding his security in his gold. Then one day, a
little girl walked into his home and into his life and he discovered that
there are some things more precious than gold.

The book opens with an insight into Silas Marner’s life and builds
character personalities. With such detailed descriptions, the books seems
to begin a little slow but picks up a quicker pace as the reader begins to
further themselves in the story.

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Discovered quickly, is the realisation of how quickly somebody’s
fortunes can change. This is demonstrated by the way in which Marner’s luck
takes an awful turn and his world, in which he was once well to do, is
turned upside down. This occurs, not because of Marner’s own relapse, but
due to the actions of the people he trusted. It shows how quickly a
communities’ opinion can change after an accusation from an influential

It is clearly stated that simply because one aspect of your life has
gone in a different direction to which you first anticipated, this is not
the end. Marner demonstrates this when he changes his fortune by re-
inventing himself and creating a new life in which he shuts himself away
from the world and focuses on a new aim, collecting gold. This recluse is
due to the fact that Marner, after being hurt so badly by the people he
once loved, does not trust and believes he cannot love another like he once

When Marner is again hurt because of his trust in society, his world
crumbles beneath him. He again experiences the hurt, which had destroyed
him before. Luck seems to be running out for him and his state of mind
deteriorates with each passing day.

After all hope had failed him, Marner’s luck eventually changed. His
life took a change and all because of one special girl, Eppie. This child
symbolised all the happiness and joy that could be brought into somebody’s
life. Marner began to feel love again and came to think of Eppie as his own
daughter. She was his life.

Luck plays a huge part in the story of ‘Silas Marner’. It fills
everyday life with adventure and can change a person life immensely. It can
make a person or totally destroy their life. “What goes around comes
around”. A statement, which only begins to describe the truth behind a
person’s life and the luck, which determines how they will spend the rest
of their life. This is of course true to the story of an unbelievable
person, Silas Marner.

– Elise Rowe 9EN1