Mathew shepard

I think that Mathew Shepard was a good person. That stupid church guy that said gays are evil, Matt’s in hell, and stuff like that are the “evil people. It’s not evil to be gay. All that stuff religious people say about gays is nothing that really is true. The religious people take in everything that the bible says about everything so hard. The bible wasn’t even written by god.

The people that beat Matthew up were just raised to hate gays. It’s not right to kill a gay person for hitting on you, and that’s not even what it sounded like. Sounds like there were just being stupid. They sounded like they were just doing it for fast cash or something.
Knowing that someone would do such a thing isn’t that great. It feels like this world is full of hate. Bin Ladin, the Matthew Shepard thing, and the list goes on. The real reason I think stuff like this goes on is because people aren’t raised right and the parents expose the bad stuff, and that’s why a lot of people kill. That’s what I think caused Matthew Shepard’s death. The parents were not very good if the kids took drugs and killed and beat people up.

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The aids thing didn’t surprise me. All my life I’ve been told from various places that 1 in 5 gay men have aids. First I heard about it in school in sixth grad I think. Then I hear it on the radio. Then I hear it on the TV.

Matthew Shepard seemed like a good person. Doesn’t have bad habits as far as I saw. The incident made me think of how people use the word gay or fag. I have used those words a lot. I used them in the sense of stupid and ahole. When I was mad that’s what I would say. You can’t help saying it. You hear it all the time. I never used it to offend a gay person. I heard at my old school millions of times. I don’t think I’ll use that word any more. I found out how it effects others.

I think that if I were in that exact place I’d be like what’s up with those guys, and I’d probably just think about. If I saw the beating I would of helped out or let them know I saw them.

I think that if you wanted to do something that bad, like kill a gay guy just because he’s gay isn’t right.
That’s my feelings on the Mathew Shepard incident. I wish people wouldn’t be like that.