Mental/ emotional or physical pain resulted by dis

agreeable sexualadvancement, requests for sexual favor, sexual comments or any form of
verbal / physical sexual activity that hurts the personality or integrity
is called sexual harassment.

Society and its men and women are responsible but men and the society are
to be accused more. Women are projected as subject and property; means to
humiliate society or individual, woman of that society is raped. Raping
women of defeated county is reward to winning army. To pay back for non
cooperation or resistance; is to rape her. This sort of mentality is
developed in most communities resulting sexual harassment and violence.

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Social structure is such that woman has to remain behind the curtain. For
woman don’t sit there, walk there, talk there etc; lack of understanding of
woman’s role in nature prevents woman from equality with men. The more we
conceal the more awful feeling moves up in the mind to commit offences.

Lack in educational systems and Unequal rights from society; results
humiliations. Men are considered as super most so even in working place
women have to face discrimination. Men can not stand women overpowering
their ego so such incidences take place.In modern world even women’s
conduct (dresses, sexy look, sexy talk, nearness approach etc ;), some
times provokes men to go out of control. Psychologically women are more
conscious of their look can spend many hours to look sexy, is incitement to
men to advance. When the advancement is in consent of women it is ok, but
if opposite, is the sexual harassment. Most important is the genetic
character of the individual that leads to controlled or uncontrolled
behavior. Reasons of sexual harassment and violence as I feel are:
Genetic character/ Environment: Genes are the information plan codes of
our entity comprises negative / positive – behavior, character, dominant/
submissive, taste,figure,health,lifeexpectancy,introversion/
extroversion, anger/calm, violent/ peaceful, patience/impatience etc. The
quality of genes decides the fate, behavior and shape of a person that
differentiates from one individual to another. Most are acquired hereditary
characters of both mother and father and some as own identity (character
differ from parents in many cases). During travel to egg of a woman, sperms
compete, block, organize and fight each other. Best and strongest of all
reach egg to fertile, indicates individual gene has its own individuality,
apart from inherited qualities. Prominent genes react to the identical
environment to express own personality to the external world. Genes are
above of all our body tools, even above the brain as are made by genes
only. Genes are indirectly attracted to external environment through brain
and modifies for future purpose. Therefore, environment and genes together
play important role for individual’s behavior. Genes as formula and codes
are essential for functioning of human computer. It establishes what is
suitable and fit for maintaining the individuality. So for procreation; the
first step is transfer of the genes through sexual contact.

Jealousy: Not normal but true, in most cases jealousy causes sexual
harassment or violence. In office or home many incidences occur when man
hates his dream girl or girl friend / wife’s association in any form with
other man. High competition/ politics for seeking favor in the working
place results to jealousy. Jealousy can be in any form would lead to
deteriorated relationship between man and woman becomessubjectto

Marriage sex and Harassment/violence: Wife wants make-up material, house
holds for house, time to listen to her gossips, sometimes sex, and lot of
dresses. Husband wants sex appeal and sex. He wants her to be prepared for
him all the times. His desperation and her resistance together form a sense
of sexual harassment. Begins when there is misunderstanding and mistrust in
the partners or when he wants her to pose for sexual act which is painful
or objectionable. Painful act some times she has to bear as punishment or
revenge of husband/ boyfriend for non cooperation. Ill-treatment is the
result of bad relation. Ego, domination, intoxication, external marital
affairs, suspicion, sexual dissatisfaction, arguments, missing respect and
non cooperation are among the reasons.For more about violence and
harassment click the link below: