Miscegination Is Racial Suicide:- A Look At The Da

rker Biological SideEvery species on earth has it’s variants. For example, the differences between Wood Ducks and Mallards have evolved for specific reasons – namely, those which best ensure the survival of the Duck species in different environments. The same applies to humans. The Negro race has evolved under a certain set of conditions and those conditions differed vastly from those under which the Nordic Aryan race evolved. Whereas the Nordic Aryan needed warmth and shelter in the cold climates of Europe and consequently developed a more hairy body, light skin, and a narrow shaped nose among other things, the Negro, lavishing in the hot climate of Africa, needed cooling and therefore devoloped a flatter nose, a body with minimal hair, and a flatter, broader nose. This type of genetic diversity which has evolved over many thousands of years in order to better adapt us for our respective environments is being destroyed with miscegination – that is – “race-mixing”.

As every species in the world developed, it’s sub-species and it’s further strains and breeds under those have evolved for a very specific reason – the preservation of the species, and ultimately, life itself. Each species is like a tree, with hundreds of branches, each leading to thousands of other branches. Each branch of the tree is slightly different from the one beside it, due to living in a different environment it has had to adapt and the resulting differences are due to the combination – the formula – of genes, which has survived the best in whatever environment it has encountered. Because of this branching of the species, whenever a particular disease, a natural phenomenon, or a new predator has arrived on the scene, the species has always been diverse enough to continue, as there will be one branch of the tree which has the immunity, adapted over time, in order to defend itself or escape from the catastrophe. This method, special branching, has ensured the survival of various species for thousands of years, and is in fact the reason for the existance of different species.

Since the beginning billions of years ago when God reached down and fused the base elements of life into a single-cell organism, that’s how long this process has been taking place. As the amoeba of life spread to different parts of a world that was just beginning to take shape, it encountered different challenges for survival, the cells that couldn’t survive died and the one or two mutated cells that could survive continued, multiplying and dominating each particular environment. As these changes became more apparant, other creatures slowly began to form from these differently-evolved cells. These creatures too spread apart, moved to different environments, and through evolution adapted to suit those new environments. Over the course of billions of years, these primitive creatures branched off again and again, and some mutated into entirely new species. This gives us the basis for our present system of taxonomy, which is fundamentally based around the branching of species.

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But you can see, as each species evolved and adapted, it mutated and evolved, through survival of the fittist, to best suit it’s natural surroundings. Some of these changes may be drastic, others may be microscopic.

That is the reason you have two Ducks which may be extremely similar in appearance, but from different branches of the genetic tree. They may look similar, but they each have unique habits, unique rituals, and unique methods of survival. They instinctively know that they should not stray from mating with their own kind unless they have no other alternative. The instinctively know that they are bound by nature to mate and to reproduce with an animal that looks like them, that acts like them, and that thinks like them. It’s their natural instinct to do so, because their species has evolved so that they will do what is best and what is essential to ensure the perpetuation of their genes.

If it were not in their natural instinct, then we would have only one species of Duck. One species of Duck would not last as long as a diverse, branched species. One species of Duck would be subsceptible to catastrophic disease, as there would be no individual branch of their genetic tree that has already faced that disease, and survived it to pass on their immune genes to their children. If a new predator appeared in the environment of the one-species Ducks, it would have a much easier time wiping out the entire species as there would be no Ducks evolved with different camoflage, different flying and swimming abilities that have evolved over encounters with similar predators, in order to escape this new predator. In the end, the entire Species of Ducks would be destroyed, because they would not have the biological diversity to escape the threats of nature.

So suppose all the Ducks said today “Stuff this natural instinct, we know best and we’ll mate with whoever we want to, no matter how genetically different they are from us!”, and if they did, there would be only one Duck species. If all the Ducks just mated indiscriminately with whatever other strain of Duck was available, then what would result is a one-species Duck, made up of all the former strains of Duck mongrelized together. This would have the effect of making the entire Duck species vulnerable to disease, or to the effects of a natural disaster just as if they had not become adapted to their respective environments in the first place, as I explained before.
A better analogy would go something like this. Take for a hypothetical example, just for a minute, that there was a certain rare strain of Duck which had adapted to living in a very cold region where food was scarce. This particular strain of Duck would store it’s food away in a lot of body fat during the warmer months, so it could survive the colder months on those fat reserves. Now imagine that these special Ducks, along with all the others, decided that they were going to mix, that they were going to breed without regard to what breed of Duck they were, like I said before. All of a sudden this rare breed of Duck was caught up in the larger, mongrelized gene pool through breeding with foreign Ducks rather than breeding with it’s own kind, and it disappeared, along with it’s unique traits. A few years later an asteroid hit the earth, throwing up a cloud of dust worldwide which blocked out the sun for many months. The earth became very cold, and very desolate of vegetation through not getting as much sunlight as it would usually, and consequently the entire species of Duck died off due to the starvation and the cold. Had the rare “cold-loving Duck” been preserved along with it’s uniqueness and it’s ability to survive the long winters, it would have survived the asteroid strike, and it’s consequental cooling of the earth, and would have been the survival of the Duck species as a whole. But since the Ducks all mongrelized, “unified” and bred without regard to what strain or what breed the one-species Duck, who could not survive the extreme conditions, became extinct.

Don’t think this could happen to humans? Why not? Right now at this very moment, people, and mainly Jewish people at that, are saying that we should “Stuff this natural instinct, we know best and we’ll mate with whoever we want to, no matter how genetically different they are from us!”. What is stopping the Human species from following the same path as the Ducks who thought they knew better than Nature?
But in these times, the times of Jewish entertainment and Jewish media, can you seriously imagine someone getting up and saying what I’ve said about Ducks, about Humans? “Oh,” the Jews would say, “you believe in keeping the races pure, what are you, a RACIST or something?!!” What is natural instinct in all other animals, in every species of living thing on the planet, is considered vile, it’s considered evil, it’s considered something that should be abhorred and disgusted and shunned, when taken to apply to Humans. All animals are “racist”. They believe in keeping their genetic breeds, their unique and differently evolved “races” pure, for the sake of the survival of their species.

Yet through Jewish movies we are subjected to images of young White girls having sex with Black men, the epitome of Jewish degeneracy. The reason i think it’s degeneracy, and the reason so many others do, is because we are following our Natural instincts that it’s not right to mate with someone outside your genetic tribe. The Jew is telling us our nature is wrong, that we should have to change it, that we’re “evil” and downright “hateful” if we don’t. The Jew is doing this because he is not of the same genetic breed, he is not of the same race as us. He’s secretly hoping that we’ll all end up like the Ducks some way or other, and he’ll be able to come out on top after the smoke has cleared.

Everything in Nature has a purpose, and Humans, like all other beasts of the earth, have an instinct that calls them to only mate with things that look, that act, that basically share the same genetic origins as themselves. This instinct serves the purpose of keeping the species diverse, so that the species as a whole is less likely to be made extinct by a catastrophic or freak occurence. By listening to the Jew, who tells us we should misceginate freely, and that in fact if we don’t want to then there’s something very wrong with us, then we are listening to the Duck who thinks he knows better than Nature. And we all know what happened to the Ducks.