Mobile Alerts

Mobile Alerts Mobile Alerts – Concept Paper. What is Mobile Alert? Mobile Alert is the text message (SMS) sent to a mobile phone as a result of occurrence of an event for which the mobile user has registered the request for getting the notification. E.g. a bank can give alert to its customer in the event of the Cheque getting bounced due to any reason or a reminder notice for a fixed deposit. Technology behind Mobile Alert Mobile Alert uses SMS (Short Message Service) feature of GSM Cellular Network.

SMS is a 160-character text message supported by all the GSM networks. GSM is a standard used by various cellular networks worldwide. This SMS feature is supported by all the GSM Cellular Handsets, it does not require any special handset like WAP/ GPRS etc. Methodology User sets the information requirements (One time), which are stored in the data server where alerts are generated. Based on the user settings the user database is continuously monitored and accordingly the alerts are generated.

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These alerts are sent to the ASP server through a secured network either over public internet or a private network At asp server, the alert message is converted to the SMS and the same is sent to the corresponding cellular operator, in the format, which is suitable for the equipment with the cellular operator. The cellular operator ensures delivery on to the mobile phone instantly. Technology.