Mrs Sirof Chris Medici

Mrs. Sirof Chris Medici English 3r Per 1 From the memior of Jenn Gooley As the sun rose up that summer day on the beach of Fire Island, Jen woke up to the smell of the ocean and the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore of the beach. Jen was staying with her close cousins and family. She was camping on the beach, and her cousins started a conversation with her. They tried to pursue and convince her to try to surf for the first time. Jen was so excited and couldn’t wait to try.

Her cousin gave her a board and they got in the water with her. As she stepped into the water, she felt the excitement in the cold water. They were in the water, all on their boards, talking together One of her cousins told her that it might take a couple of times to get up. She didn’t pay much attention to that comment; she just got on her board. She picked out her wave, jumped on her board and she was up.

Her cousins cheered her on as she rode the wave down to the shore. They surfed for hours, even though the water was freezing. Eventually they got out of the water, and went back to their campsite. They talked about it all night, the feeling of riding that wave. Soon all of them were getting excited and ready to surf. It was 2 am, one of the cousins said.

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Then Jen said, lets surf. They got in the ice cold water and began to surf for almost an hour. After they departed the ocean a feeling of completion went through Jens body. She thought about that first wave she rode all night. Bibliography none.