My Feelings On September 11th

My feelings on September 11th I think it was wrong for who ever did this selfish act. People who were going to work just like every other day had to end it forever. I cant see how anyone could do this kind of thing. If someone has a problem they should talk to someone and try to make it better instead of doing something stupid like this. People wonder why others treat them like little kids, well the answer is, the choices that person makes and how they act around others and the stupid things they do.

My question to everyone is Why? How come? What drove them to do this kind of thing to other people? I know that a lot of people wont answer those questions. The only problem with that is, how are we going to stop something like that from happening again? Adults and teenagers deserve to know what makes people kill other people and hurt other people. To me if someone drives you crazy either ignore them or talk to someone that might be able to help out, dont go off and start killing people, that is stupid. It just shows that some people are not ready to become adults and responsible for their own actions! Some people may make me mad, but I dont go off and start killing people, I talk to someone or I ignore them. They may also hurt me, but I still dont go off and start killing people, because Im not going to stoop to their level! The only thing they are proving is that they belong in elementary school, and that they dont care about anyone but themselves.

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It just shows that they are very immature little.. My prayers are with everyone that passed over, and that lost a love one, and with everyone that did survive. I thought people have grown up, but it just shows that some dont grow up! I know that a lot of people say, “only a monsters kill people,” well thats wrong its not a monster it is a human, just like everyone else, that might have a problem. Only people kill other people. I heard someone on the radio say, “its Red, White, and Blue” that made me happy to hear someone say that after all that happened.

I believe that we the United States will help each other through this no matter what! A couple things that hurt me is that there was a woman that was 5months pregnant in the building when it went down. Another one was that this guys wife was coming to see him on his birthday, and died. Most people would not like to spend there 16th birthday watching people die, well I had to, and I can tell you that it is the worst birthday gift anyone could ever get! Even though I had my family and friends there for me, it was still one of the worst days to spend a birthday! So everyone appreciate what you have, because you never do really know if you are going to be here later to appreciate it. I know that a lot of people dont appreciate what they have but I do know that they appreciate that none of there loved ones were in the building on September 11th, 2001. I hope that the people who lost loved ones are very great full that everyone is helping out in the United States with this.

There were five fire fighters found alive, and they will never be able to forget the life and death suction they were put in. Even if we do find everyone that helped out with this selfish act, and we see them put behind bars or what ever, it will never be able to bring back anyone that they killed. The memories they gave us will never be able to go away. It will help out just a little to know that we have who ever helped with this. They dont have to explain to kids that their parents are not coming home and why they are not coming home.

I know that I would have a big problem telling my little brother that our parents were not coming home. It makes me sick that people can do this kind of thing to other people. I just hope it does not happen again.