My View on Technology

Technology is the progression of scientific knowledge used to advance society and is usually seen as a positive thing which leads to an easier life-style and ability to do things we never thought possible or never even imagined. Technology can save time by making tasks easier to achieve but it can also be harmful when not used with responsibility and caution. However, there are some people who believe that technology has the ability to eventually lead to destruction of society or at least harm us in some form or another.
Technology has become so much a part of our lives that it is hard to imagine life without it because it affects us in many ways and is also ever changing. Twenty years ago it was hard to imagine that today we would have mobile phones and portable personal computers.

There are disadvantages and advantages to technology. Some of the advantages are that it makes communication much easier. Email, cell phones, instant messengers and even telephones have made connecting with someone occur much faster than ever thought possible. Growing technology has also made it possible for information to be obtained much easier, faster, and at a greater capacity. Business has also changed dramatically. Buying and selling products and services has become much easier and has given customers more selection to choose from which has also made competition increase.

Some disadvantages of technology are that crime rates have increased (identity theft has become easier as well as piracy). It is also easy to become dependant on technology and this could possibly lead to confusion or disorder when the specific technology used malfunctions. Technology could also lead to a loss of human contact. With virtual tours available and chatrooms which allow you to talk to other people from around the world it could reduce the demand to interact with the real world.

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