Mythology Essay 1

Mythology in and of itself is a mystifying genre. Having been
written thousands of years ago, myths are open to many different
interpretations. Obviously, some of these interpretations are going to be
more interesting and more relevant than others. I believe that the nature
myths are the most engaging and interesting types of myths.

There are many other types of interpretations of myths out there.

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However, not all of these interpretations are as illuminating as nature
myths are. Nature myths often explain natural phenomena that humans would
otherwise have trouble grasping. These phenomena include the rising and
setting of the sun and moon, the four seasons, weather, life, and death. I
believe these myths to be the most interesting because of the ways in which
the Greeks represented the many different aspects of the natural world.

While I do believe these types of myths to be the most appealing,
they do have some problems. Many times, they do not account for the full
scope of most myths. The intricacies of many different characters or
beings are often not included. The characters are mostly personifications
of different worldly occurrences and things are often left out. A lot of
these personifications do not include any higher ethical functions.

In conclusion, nature myths are the most interesting myths because of
the innovative ways the Greeks have come up with to represent different
aspects of the world. The only problem that I can find with this approach
to mythical interpretation is that it does not take into account the
dynamic characteristics of the ancient world.