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In my opinion, the modern version of Romeo and Juliet directed by Baz Luhrmann can in no way be compared to the classic version. Although the director’s intentions were visible, the film itself was not what I would consider a good movie.The director’s intentions seemed to try to take the original Romeo and Juliet and place them in modern times. Guns were used instead of swords and cars were used as transportation. The language however was not changed to modern times which more often then not made the film very difficult to understand. Clearly the director tried to make a romance film out of a story line that has already been used. Although I believe the film was not very good, the idea of showing the plot in modern times was worth trying. This idea showed that times haven’t changed much since Romeo and Juliet’s time.
The story line is believable but the characters didn’t seem to fit the role that was intended. The constant switch from the old version to the new version made the characters seem out of place. The characters seemed to be well defined through dialog and introductions at the opening scenes. They worked well together to get the ideas of the film across and each actor seemed to fit the role of his/ her character.

I do not believe that this film lived up to the original film. The ideas were there but they were not expressed very well. There did not seem to be any major differences in the plot and the important speeches were very close to the original speeches. However the original version more clearly expressed the ideas of love and war. Also because the characters seemed to be in the right era of time in the original film the story line was more believable.
I think this film could have been better if the plot had been a little more defined and if the language had been changed to fit modern times. I think the story line was missing some information which made this film a little less believable. The director’s intentions with this film were good but the script should have been more developed to make this film belong on the screen.

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