Of Mice and Men

Today we the prosecution, wish to present a case of a cruel murder.

We wish to prove and present the defendant as being a cold-blooded killer.

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We charge George Milton with the crime of murder in the killing of Lennie
Small. George Milton killed Lennie because he did not want to take care of
him any longer.George killed a mentally challenged man that was
completely innocent of any crimes due to the fact that he is not capable of
doing wrong. You cannot punish a man for being completely incompetent.

Therefore Lennie should not have been punished for the murder of Curley’s
wife, especially by his best friend George, he of all people should know
that he is not capable of deliberately trying to kill anyone, and yet
George still sentences Lennie to his death.

There were many signs of George wanting to get Lennie off of his
shoulders one of them is shown here in George’s statement when he is
speaking with Slim, “…Lennie’s a God damn nuisance most of the time…

And …he gets in trouble alla time because he’s so God damn dumb.”(41)
This shows how George is fed up with having to deal with Lennie and how he
wants to be free from the troubles Lennie brings. Another example is a
statement from George when he says, “…If I was alone I could live so
easy. I could go get a job an’ work, an’ no trouble. No mess at all…”
(11) He speaks of how better his life could be without Lennie and maybe
this is why George shot Lennie right in the back of the head. When Lennie
accidentally kills his puppy and then Curley’s wife, his only thought is to
think about George’s anger because he is frightened of what George will do,
which is shown when Lennie says “George gonna give me hell,”… “George
gonna wish he was alone an’ not have me botherin’ him.”(100) these are the
feelings that Lennie frequently gets from George, George often frightens

After killing the puppy Lennie worries about what he has done and is
scared of what George will do and say. Lennie says, “But he’ll know. George
always knows. He’ll say, “You done it. Don’t try to put anything over on
me… As Lennie … rocks himself back and forth in his sorrow.”(85)
Lennie is just a mentally challenged boy in a man’s body. He is always
frightened of what George will do or say. Do these reactions sound like
ones of a competent adult? The answer is No. But after killing Curly’s
wife, because he was frightened Lennie is treated as an adult. All of these
quotations demonstrate how Lennie is always in fear of what George is going
to say or do. They show just how scared George makes Lennie feel and how
threatening George is.

Even if George Killed Lennie “in everyone’s best interest” Murder is
never justified. Lennie should have been brought to the proper authorities
or somewhere where he could be safe. Lennie shouldn’t have been killed. A
best friend does not kill another friend. George had the chance to take
Lennie, run away, move on and save Lennie’s life. Yes Lennie has done
things in the past, but there is no reason they wouldn’t be able to run
away and at least give Lennie the chance of living, but for not doing so
George should receive the consequences. The defense will state that Lennie
has killed others before and each time something has become worse and they
will ask, “What will he do next time?”, but does that mean that George has
the right to choose the fate of another man by taking his life? No, no man
has any right no matter what the circumstance to decide the fait of another
man’s life. So I will ask the jury and the court, does a man have the right
to take another man’s life because he feels that the man is a nuisance, and
it would be for his own good? Obviously the defendant thought so. Ladies
and Gentlemen of the jury, this was not a mercy killing, this was a cold-
blooded murder.

Josh Yeung 4th hour
March 24, 2004