The Lavallee Enterprise was the first space ship of its kind. It had a crew of six people: three girls three guys. It was soon to be the first space ship to leave the solar system. With its new cruse drive, it should be able to make the round trip from Earth to out side the Solar system and back in less than a year.

The crew was all the members of the Lavallee family. They were the best in the world. Commander Angelo was the only member of the crew who knew what their real mission was. Scientists who discovered cruse drive were able to detect other ships using it. They had discovered another ship using it in the solar system. It was the Unternehmen Baskin (Baskin Enterprise in German). They were Germans, lead by Commander Kirk. The governments of Earth were covering up the knowledge that another crew had discovered cruse drive. They thought the public would all panic because the Canadians wanted to be the first to go out of the solar system.

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5001 workers started building the Lavallee Enterprise in 2001. Three years later it got finish. It was launched on the twenty-eighth of January in the year 2004. After two months the ship was now approaching the end of the Solar system. So far there had been no signs of any other ships using the cruse drive.
There was one more planet to cross before they would leave the Solar system. They took notice of the planet. It was a beautiful huge planet with lots of colours. It would take them another two days to cross over it.

Two days Later…
The crew was getting nervous as they approached the end of the Solar system. When they reached the very edge, Commander Angelo called the crew together and told them the real mission. They were shocked and angry, but being good friends they all made up. The real mission was to see if they would be able to go out the Solar system.

Once again they saw Unternehmen Baskin. He was trying to make it out of the Solar system first.

They were racing at 100,000 light years/per minute. They were 100,000,000,000,000,000 light years away. Commander Angelo had the crew send the message, “We come in peace” in every language known to man. He was surprised to get a reply in German before the first transmission was done. All it said was, “Then go in peace”.
Commander Angelo wasn’t sure what to make of this, but after talking with the Germans via radio for a few hours he was able to discover that it wasn’t a standard greeting. While both Lavallee and Baskin Enterprise were racing they were conversing over the radio. The people were very unfriendly and refused to dock with the Lavallee Enterprise. After explaining Canadians were the first of their race that discovered Cruse Drive and that they had to complete their mission, Commander Angelo told them that he was going to be the first to go outside the Solar system.
They both started up their cruse drives and away they went. They were going straight towards each other. Then all of a sudden BANG they collided into each other. The Baskin Family blew up and The Lavallee Enterprise had a huge dash on the side of it’s ship. The Lavallee Enterprise contacted earth to tell them the bad news. Once the Lavallee Enteprise talked to Earth, Earth told them if they continue with the mission there is a chance they never will be seen again. They took a chance and were never seen again.
The End