Presidential Address

Presidential Address
This article talks about how the American people have come from colonies to the leading world power and freedom fighter in the world. This all started in the colonial days when people from foreign countries came to worship in America because of the freedom of religion. One of the main reasons for the American Revolution was the fear that Britain was going to take the colonies freedoms away.

In the 20th century it was said by Brooks Adams that, The United States would outweigh any single empire if not all empires combined. The United States in its attempt to globalize the world has done some interesting things. We fought World War II about freedoms in Europe, but in our own country the not whites where being heavily discriminated against. W.E.B. Dubois insisted that it was impossible to understand the black experience in the United States without reference to that dark and vast sea of human labor in China, India, the South Seas and all of Africa The great majority of mankind, on whose bent and broken back rest today the founding stones of modern industry.

We as Americans have a sense of superiority when it comes to freedom, we have since the American Revolution been the big brother to other nations seeking to be free. But within our own borders rebellions are frowned upon. Men like Nat Turner and those who participated in the Whiskey Rebellion where look on as enemies of the country and in Nat Turners case was tried for treason. We look at rebellions in our own country as people rising up against freedom, and that other countrys will use these events against us. Even though we frown upon rebellions against out own governments we have supported many other rebellions around the world, like South Korea and South Vietnam.

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All in all this speech was aimed to look at Americas policy in dealing with freedoms of people outside and inside her borders.

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