Ramadam is the Islam holiday or Muslim holy month. It takes place during the ninth month of the Islam year. Because the Islam calendar is Lunar (has to do with pattern of moon) Ramadam falls at different times during the year. It is a time for spiritual reflection, worship, renewal of faith, and charity. The Muslims get this holy day from the Koran. It is found under Surah: 185 which states:
Ramadam is the month in which was sent down, The Koran, as a guide to mankind.So every one of you who are present at this home during that month should spend it in fasting. But if anyone is ill, or on a journey the prescribed period it should be made up days later. Allah intends every facility for you he does not want to put you through difficulties. Ramadams origin lies in the time of Muhammad. He taught his followers that the fast was important because it was a sign that they had submitted to Allah.

Ramadam is celebrated as a fasting. The duration of Ramadam is one month. During this fasting Muslims are not to eat, drink, smoke or have conjugal relationships while the sun is up. However, between sunset & sunrise they are aloud to break the fast with at first a light meal of dates and water called the Iftar. Then they have evening prayers. The rest of the night is devoted to special prayers and to readings from the Koran. A more heavier meal is eaten at predawn which is known as the Suhoor. There are exceptions to the fasting: children, elders (over 60), those who are ill and those who are making a long journey. But those who are ill or making a long journey are expected to make up missed days along with those who have broken the fast.
The end of Ramadam becomes more holy. The last ten days are the most blessed. People are even more devoted during this time. Some attend a special retreat- a special time for praying and thinking- and leave to stay in a mosque. The night between the 26th and 27th day of Ramadam is known as the Night of Determination. It is said in the Koran that this is the day Allah will decide the course of the world for the following year. Finally Ramadam ends with the new moon. They celebrate with a feast called Id al Fitr. The people feel refreshed spiritually and mentally but also grateful that they have made it. They also think that in doing this they will be prepared for the Day of Judgement.


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