Reform Party

Per. 6, 9/19/03
Reform Party Essay
The reform party views on the “C.H.E.E.S.I.E.” issues are what I
would call generally conservative, but certainly not overtly right wing.

They are fairly clear cut in saying that they believe in a government that
is very principled and just and as democratic as possible. The American
Reform Party believes that the liberty and freedom we enjoy is not void of
responsibility that goes along with it, and that Americans must live up to
that in order to make the government for the people.

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The reform party feels that although the government has done a lot of good
for the educational system, power must go back to the people. It encourages
the independent, non-partisan dialogue. There should be a panel of experts
that make information on the educational system readily available to the

as far as social issues go, the reform party does not get involved. They
will not become involved in your life and issues involving religion, sexual
orientation, abortion, or marriage laws. This would mean that there could
be legal gay marriages of course, and the undebated right of women to

In the matter of health care, the opinion of the reform party is to
allow patients to take their treatment largely into their own hands. It
also includes doing a consensus and pilot test on programs before putting
them on patients in general. The reform party largely wants to give as much
power as possible back to the people, and this goes along with it well.

The reform party also promotes protecting the enviroment. They
promote using technology that is safe for the air, and encourages improving
the quality of air in all ways possible. They also promote keeping natural
parks and monuments safe for the future of our country, and keeping them in
best condition and protecting them.

The views on crime are largely based against sex offenders, and they
support enforcing megan’s law, which requires strict laws about keeping a
database on sex offenders which would be easily accessed by police forces
and other officials. They support making much harsher crimes against those
who hurt children or commit any crime against a child. Lastly they also
encourage increasing small claims court to the maximum of 20, 000 dollars
in order to keep petty claims out of big courts so that more important
cases can be put going without interruptions so much.

The view on the economy from the reform party is in my opinion well
put. They believe in balancing the budget annually by passing the Balanced
Budget Act, and also providing a detailed blueprint of the budget that the
public can easily understand and comprehend. If the public can understand
it, then they can certainly get more involved and they will be more
enthusiastic about making the country better fiscally. The reform party
also wants to make the tax system paperless, less complicated and fairer to
both the rich and poor. This could possibly be achieved by making a uniform
tax rate in their opinion.

International policy opinions of the reform party include things such
as creating normal relations with Cuba, consdering that they create better
laws for their people. This leads me to another policy encourage. They
promote only trading with countries that support ethical laws and practices
for the people.

Regarding immigration, the reform party promotes only allowing
200,000 immigrants per year, and restricting family reunification to
spouses and children that are minors.