Reggie Miller Reggie Milller was born in a small town in Las Angelos, Califronia. He was born on november 67, 1973. For the first three years of his life he hasd to wear mettle braces on his legs because he came out of his moms stomach weird on his legs were going to grow all out of poportion. they were this big mettle type tubed that fit his legs perfectly so it tought his legs how to grow perfect. He didnt even play basketball on an orginized team untill he was a sophomore at his high school. But that didnt stop him from perfecting his shot though.

He use to take hunderds of shots every night before dinner. He would stay in one spot perfecting the shot from their and then move to another and perfect that one. And that is what has made him to be the super star that he is today. The fact that he has one of the nicest and smoothest shots of all times. But, even then he didnt get noticed because oh his muchly publicied sister.

His sister Cheyl Miller is the greatest female basketball player in the history of the game. She averaged almost 50 points a game, and because of this he was never noticed by anybody. But his senior year he had an breakthrough year. He led the state of California in ppg, and rebpg. He then got recuited to UCLA, and after 4 outtanding years at the big school he got drafted in the 1987 draft as the number 11 pick in the first round, by the indiana pacers. Nobody thought that this was a good pick because he was such a trash talker and never really made friends with any of his teamates.

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But fortunetly for Indiana he turned out to be a complete surprise. Instead he is know a six time all-star and a member of the dream team 2 in the olympics. He has been very suprising and we look forward to him being one of the greatest shooters of all time.