The concepts of the roles, the friendships, trust, communication, and sex all extend an understanding of psychological development in adulthood. Friendships is a major role for todays relationships. Friendship consist of trust, honesty, loyalty an most important respect. Now a days we develop strong friendships through different life experiences. Each factor interacts with personalit interest and life goals to shape a lifestyle. For example being a friend involves emotional closeness, shared interest and a vision of the future. After developing a strong foundation as friends a new term comes where they are referred to as partners. Partners can either be the same sex or the opposite sex. Partners tend to have a little more intimate action versus frienship. Partners basically share the same factors as friend, but now they are a little more emotionally involved. Partners go out more to places such as movie, dinner, sport games, shopping, and last minute getaway trips. The stage where you are just relaxing and enjoying life. With partners their is no commitment, but the honesy and trust still lies with the friendship he or she possess from the beginning. For example, a man and a women can be seeing each other for a couple a months, and the women is seeing another man beside her partner the role of friendship comes in when the woman advises her partner that their is someone else in the picture. By her dong this she is showing her friendship role because she cares for him as a friend.