Religion is Unnecessary

Religion is Unnecessary
Overall Introduction:
What is Religion? According to Religion is the set of beliefs, feelings, dogmas and practices that define the relations between human being and sacred or divinity.
Religion supposedly gives a person an identity and relationship. Religion deals with answers to identity-forming questions such as
Selfhood – “Who am I?” “Where did I come from?”
Meaning – “Why am I?” “Where will I go when I die?”
Purpose – “What do I do?” “What is the purpose of life?
No particular religion is ever really ONLY one type of dimension, but is rather a complex whole. The Ritual dimension is what believers DO! Rituals provide believers with a symbolic mode of communication designed to propel them out of ordinary experience and into extraordinary realities; Rituals are often based on the myths contained in a given worldview. Believers feel called upon to do what their great leaders did.
Thus, Christians celebrate the ritual of the Last Supper (the Eucharist) just as Jesus did almost 2,000 years ago. And in participating in this unique, myth-based ritual, a full-on Christian is brought back into authentic Christian experience, which will be the basis of our discussion today, if such Dimension and others is necessary.

My Introduction:
Religion is the biggest killer of all time, with many countries being destroyed. The reason is simple. A religion that allows its faithful to “stray” to another religion loses out, so all religions will fight to prove they are truly correct in their belief, and that God is on their side. The faith is used as a weapon of immense power, as men, women and children will die with a smile, “Knowing” they will be saved by their god. If they are not, they will go to Heaven, and the enemy will go to Hell, eventually. In my opinion, religion is as bad as dictatorship. No-one and nothing should have that much power.

God is Man-Made:
The perception of God has changed over the centuries to accommodate our increasing knowledge. What used to be a good enough explanation 2000 years ago does not measure up anymore. A lot of what was attributed to God is now very easily explained by science.
I personally believe that God is a concept used by humans to explain the yet unexplained. It’s not a bad thing at all and it benefits billions of human beings around the world who would otherwise be lost without it. Either that or they would start demanding their share of the pie while on earth and that would create some crowd control problems. Mexico is a good example of a country where the poor is pacified by religion. Without it, the country would descend into chaos as they would not accept their current level of poverty.
I often watch Christian television and I find interesting how modern preaching is more or less a religious version of political spin. They have an answer for everything but unfortunately, there are often clashes and incompatibilities between the answers. God is powerful but yet, he cannot control the negative events in your life. He is always happy yet it makes him unhappy when you sin. You can sin and yet still go to heaven if you believe in God but you cannot go to heaven if you do not sin and don’t believe in God.
I’d like to see a God who is going to give you heaven before you have to prove yourself. Surely, the experience of heaven is such that it would transform everyone. Why not have heaven first then live a life free of sin then go back to heaven or hell?
If you ask me, it is far more likely that God is something used by some human beings to control others rather than something that is truly out of our control. It’s interesting to see how in the last 30 years the Church has gradually moved towards the “God is in each of us” concept. It’s easier to explain than a God up there in heaven.

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Recent Events:
Did God/Buddha cause the recent tsunami? I don’t believe so. I think it was caused by an earthquake. Did God/Buddha cause the earthquake? Possibly, however, you’ll never know. When 9/11 happened some Looney people said God was punishing the US for terrible sins, like not having a theocracy. Did Religion cause 9/11? Well I believe it was caused by Islamist terrorists who are waging war against the west and who are also waging war against Muslims who don’t follow the Islamists’ traditions of Religion, so yes Religion basically caused these devastations
In the aftermath of a cataclysm, with pictures of parents sobbing over dead infants driven into the human consciousness around the globe, faith-shaking questions arise: Where was God? Why does a good and all-powerful deity permit such evil and grief to fall on so many thousands of innocents? What did these people do to deserve such suffering?
Concluding points I’d like to mention:
(1) Victims of this cataclysm in no way “deserved” a fate inflicted by the force of nature. (2) God & Buddha are a concept which is hard-wired into our brains to let us cope with the fear of death, the burden of disease and the vicissitudes of personal fortune. There just pretend.
(3) Consciousness and thoughts are direct products of chemical reactions in the brain. After death, the chemical reactions cease and so does consciousnesses. There can be no soul or spirit independent of the body that will ascend to a place of eternal happiness.
(4) All phenomena in the Universe can be explained by the laws of Science without inventing supreme beings.

(5) Evolution is just a theory? Religion is just a myth. The tsunami happened? God/Buddha did not.