Ryan Walker

Mr. Coppola
Doctor Knowall
Due 9/8/04
Once outside the servants were extremely terrified of the fate which
might be bestowed upon them. They confessed everything to Crabb down the
smallest details of the crime. Crabb was astounded that the thieves would
simply confess of their deeds to him, but he accepted the information
willingly. In exchange for his cooperation the servants promised to return
the money to the lord and give Crabb a large sum of money for his
cooperation to remain quiet about the identity of the thieves. Upon
returning to the table, Doctor Knowall pretended to have discovered what
had happened to the money. He led the noble lord to the money which was
kept in a small hut outside of the village. For his great wisdom and work
the lord rewarded him with a huge sum of money. Crabb blew away all of this
money though, feeling on top of the world with his new wealth. His
reputation had grown greatly because he helped the lord, but he couldn’t
keep up with his reputation because his luck had run out. After his
reputation was ruined through many failed cases, Doctor Knowall and his
wife continued a life of poverty and hardship.

Based on the text that we were given of “Doctor Knowall”, the above
passage would be a fitting ending. The many elements in the story come full
circle in the above ending and everything ties together. After hearing the
servants confess, Crabb is confused, but accepts it any way because of the
bribe the servants proposed him. Crabb desired the good things in life.

When he visited the doctor’s house in the beginning of the story he desired
the good food of the doctor, so the bribe was a great opportunity to get
the good things in life. When he returns to the table, Crabb tells the lord
he has figured out the elements of the robbery. The lord also gives Crabb
money for helping him find his money. Now Crabb has a lot of money and has
gained a good reputation, as well as a big ego. Because of this many people
began to come to him, requesting Doctor Knowall’s help. After a while his
luckiness dried up and people began to realize that he did not really know
every thing, he was a fake. When people began to realize this, he lost all
of his business and went back to his poor peasant life. The moral of the
ending is to not pretend to be anything that you aren’t. In the end your
real identity will come through and people will realize you are a fake and
your life will not be any different.

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