In any language you speak it shows a society’s attitude towards a persons social status, sex and occupation. The way a women is spoken about is much different then the way we would speak about men. For example, if a women is married she is referred to as Mrs. And if she isn’t married she is called Miss. But whether a man is married or not he always carries the title Mr. Which doesn’t allow us to know if a man is married or not.

There are also many job titles that are sexist towards women. For example, Policeman, tradesman, milkman, mailman, fireman, etc. By using these terms it implies that jobs are only for men, even though there are many women today that are performing these jobs. But with titles like these it might discourage women to apply for these positions.
Ultimately, there has been some kind of an accomplishment over the decades, but for people learning the English language it is extremely important to understand the social issues related to English. And understand what you are saying so that in the end you aren’t insulting a person.

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