She didnt give in

Honey wake up, its time Sara stood there in shock. She had never seen her mom that way. Her mom had said in her warm, soothing voice, Honey its going to be fine, we are moving to a better place.

From then on Saras life became a quick flash of an endless nightmare. Being peer-pressured into a new school was definitely not easy for Sara. Her main concern was friends. It seemed as though she would do anything to fit in and be like the rest. The first day of school seemed like a long day of torture. People would pass by her with nasty faces and say discourteous comments like, Who are you? Move it loser!
During lunch Sara sat by herself with no one to talk to, looking up into space. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Damien Winters came by and sat near her. He was everything you can ask for; captain of the football team, built, and basically the Hottest popular guy in the school. For Sara it was a dream come true.

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Damien looked at her with his charming eyes and said, Do you know CPR?
Why? Sara asked with a wonder.

Because you just took my breath away.

Sara almost fainted; it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to her. There is a party coming up Friday night and I would love for you to come. She stood there in a blur of amazement. She couldnt believe Damien Winters, the hottest guy, wants to go out with old fart-face Sara Mcdowel. It just made her day. She came home with the biggest smile on her face. She even washed the dishes for her mom, and Sara never does that.

Later on that day in the warm heat of July, Sara went to ask her mom if she could go out Friday night. She hadnt realized what she had to go through just to go to a party.

Sara said Hey mom, isnt it a wonderful day? My you are looking nice in that dress.

Why thank you! said Saras mom But whats the change of heart all of a sudden? Sara what do you want this time?
Well actually its nothing much, I just met some new friends in school, and, well, I. I was wondering if I can go out Friday night?
Well Sara, Im not sure about this Where are you going to be?
Actually, I was just planning on going to the movies. Sara was shocked at what she had just said! She never lied to her mom, She felt a strong feeling of guilt.

Sara, I think you should stay home Friday and catch up on some school work
But mom, you cant do this, pleassssse!
No! Dont make me raise my voice, go upstairs to your room!
Sara felt extremely incensed. She ran upstairs to her room and slammed the door so hard that the ground started to shake. Without noticing Sara burst into tears. She thought to herself, no, no this cant be happening, this is my only way to be popular! Just then, Damien called her up. She picked up the phone with her shaky voice and said,
Hey whats up? How are you doing, I missed you said Damien.

He was the sweetest thing, Sara couldnt let him have the idea that she couldnt go out so she said,
Same here, I cant wait till Friday night
Fine, Ill come pick you up at 8.

No! Sara said remotely, I a pick me up from my friend Sharons house, Ill be sleeping over there.

Alright great, it will be a blast, I will see you tomorrow.

Sara had no idea what she was going to do. She was so nervous that the phone fell with a loud thump on the ground. Her mom came running up the stairs and saw Sara crying. Sara didnt know what to say, she had lied twice in one day, first to her mom, and then to Damien. She looked at her moms face and saw sorrow and disenchantment in her eyes. Saras mom had felt really bad because of what she had said before,
Oh Sara about Friday
Mom, its okay, Im sorry I got mad and slammed the door on you.

She looked at Sara and said, If you want you can sleep over Sharons house on Friday night. At that moment Sara hugged and kissed her mom and she was the happiest person.

Soon enough Friday came. The day was muddy and rainy. It had come to six and Sara had packed her bags for Sharons house. She hugged her mom and said Bye, Mom Ill call you later, I love you!
At Sharons house Sharon and Sara both got dressed in their sexy outfits and waited for the guys to pick them up. Damien and his friend Rick came with Damiens Mustang convertable. They got in the car and to Saras disclosure, Damien was smoking! Ew! Sara thought to herself but still she didnt let it bother her. At the party there was tons of people. When everyone saw Sara walk in with Damien, EVERYONE was talking to her. She finally felt as if she was a part of something. Throughout the night Damien was saying really sweet comments like, My you look pretty with your long blond hair, and your sparkling blue eyes. He seemed as though he was the perfect guy. Sara was so good the whole night, she didnt drink, she didnt smoke, or anything like that. She was really proud of herself. If someone offered her a drink she would say, no thanks, the whole night she watched herself and made sure that she was away from all the smoke and the beer.

However, Damien started to drink beer, smoke up, and soon things led to the other. Sara tried not to make a fuss out of it, but he started to get extremely controling. He said, Come on, lets go to my car and listen to some music.

At that moment she didnt know what to say, she didnt want him to not like her anymore or say what a party pooper. So Sara said, Sure, Ill come with you to your car. They got into his car and he wouldnt stop putting his hands on her. Thats when things got bad. Come on stop it, just stop it, said Sara in a quivering vocie. But he wouldnt listen.

Finally Damien said, Fine you wanna go home? FINE, Ill drive you.

Not realizing that he was extremely drunk Sara said okay, drive me home.

Sara thought what could possilbly go wrong? She was a good girl, she didnt do anything bad, she didnt give in, she didnt give in. As Damien drove the music was blasting and he drove faster and faster and faster. Sara said, Slow down, Damien please slow down but no, he wouldnt listen, he just kept driving faster and faster. Sara felt so nautious like she was going to puke. He just kept going faster and faster. Sara felt the world spinning round and round and round till all she can see was a flash of light and BAM! He crashed into another car. She laid there on the ground and all she can think about was that she lied to her mom, what was she going to say? At the hospital, Sara had just finished telling the nurse her story when the nurse said,
Im sorry you are not going to make it, The people in the other car died already, and well luckly at least Damein is going to survive.

Sara froze and said to the nurse, When you see my mom please tell her Im sorry, I didnt give in, I didnt drink, I was good., Im sorry I lied one more thing tell her that I love her just do me that one favor.

Suddenly, Sara had died. Everything had stopped. A man near by asked the nurse, Wheres the girls parents? Why didnt you tell her mom and dad? The nurse stood there and all she could say was, Well thats because the people in the other car were her parents.